LBB's Favourites: Homegrown Crockery Brands Are All You Need For Perfect Parties

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Have you been spending an inordinate time in the kitchen lately? Maybe filling up your IG posts with food shot after food shot? (guilty as charged!) And why not? All that hard work shouldn't go to waste right? But while a quick click and post is easy enough, if you're anything like me, you're hunting for the perfect bowl for your Ramen or the perfect platter for that lasagna you finally baked - and let's not forget the banana bread, either! 

If this sounds anything like you, we've found you great brands that will help your food shine and your IG pop. 

Ta. Da


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Ta. Da is for those of us who like our dinnerware to really stand out. With quirky, bold designs inspired by the idea of finding harmony in chaos and beauty in imperfections, Ta. Da's collections feature fun details like intriguing hand-drawn patterns.

Price: INR 450 upwards

Swaa Clay

Swaa Clay

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At Swaa Clay each piece is handcrafted with care. Their designs are dynamic and you'll find rustic white ceramics as well as colourful glazes and patterns. We love that all the raw material used to create these products are recycled at their studio, which means contributing to less waste. 

Price: INR 350 onwards

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Nugu Handmade


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Nugu Handmade works with indigenous communities to craft beautiful handcrafted ceramics. We love that they are all about conscious design and production that cares for the community as well as the environment. Their ironstone ware is elegant, crafted from locally sourced clay and glazed by hand.

Price: On Request


Whether it's dinnerware or cutlery, Ellementry has a beautiful collection of handcrafted design products that combine aesthetics with functionality. Crafted with sustainability in mind, these products follow the ethos "what looks good, should also do good'. Their minimal yet elegant cutlery adds the perfect finishing touch. 

Price: INR 1,150 upwards for serveware


Address Home

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With new themes and a signature collection every season, AddressHome has a lot to recommend it. We're loving their eclectic range from those inspired by traditional designs to those inspired by everyday life.

Price: INR 1,290 upwards

Amaya Decors

Amaya Decor is a no-brainer if you are looking for something pretty and budget-friendly. I sometimes have to look at the price twice, to make sure I am getting some quality plates at such a low price! I specifically love the four-set noodle plates that are available in red and olive green, at just INR 1,249. Amaya Decor is hot favourite with our team as well, for the durability as well as the looks. Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe!

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