Blissed Out Skin: Homegrown Brands On Our Radar

With the weather having mood swings, its time to pamper the skin before the elements wreak havoc on it and leave behind dark spots, pigmentation and other skin troubles. While we know that choosing the right regime for the skin is as important (or sometimes more) as choosing the right life partner (heh!), we've also been lucky enough to stumble upon brands that have worked wonders for us. Here's a compilation of a few that'll rejuvenate your skin. Thank us later, ya'll. 

Vaadi Herbals

Keep this brand handy because their lemongrass anti-pigmentation cleansing cream is the bomb. The perfect blend of essential aromatherapy oils eradicates the uneven skin tones and the impurities on the surface of the skin. So for some in-depth clensing, you've gotta give this super amazing cream a shot. 

Vedic Vanna

Taking care of the skin in the night is as important as caressing it during the day. Hence, the night serum from Vedic Vanna comes to your rescue. This light-weight serum, known by the name of Kamala Kesara Kumkumadi, comprises the goodness of 26 natural ingredients that replenish your skin, through cellular rejuvenation. This night serum is great for the removal of acne, blemishes and wrinkles too. 

Just Herbs

If you're concerned about those dark circles that have come with age or because you're slogging super hard to make a living, worry no more because Just Herbs has the perfect product for you. Their under-eye Dark Circle Treatment Kit is a living miracle because of how effective it is. Each kit has three very significant items - the I'Bright almond green tea night cream, the I'Clear green tea and cucumber nourishing gel, and the I’mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing and Toning Pack. Together, they fight bacteria underneath the eye, reducing puffiness, tightening the fragile skin, and providing a lighter skin tone and elasticity. 

Clay and Co. Skincare

Clay and Co Skincare is all about the goodness of clay, which is also the key ingredient in all its creations. They've got vegan and natural face creams, scrubs, and masks that you'd instantly want to buy. Go for their seasonal cream known by the name of Summer. They also have Coco Berry and Mocha face masks that work wonders on any skin type. 


This homegrown beauty brand sells products curated out of plant-based ingredients. You must definitely try a few of their cold-pressed virgin oils and organic essential oils to soften your skin. Both cruelty and paraben-free, Ras also has face mists and body polishes amongst its other offerings. 

Organic Riot

As the name suggests, their products are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. We're totally impressed with what is known as the Smog-Block, an anti-pollution moisturiser that's meant to shield your skin against the urban pollution. Loaded with something known as the Manuka extract, Smog-Block strengthen's the skin's protective barrier, smoothens and softens it too, thus giving you an enriched, unperturbed and glowing skin. 

Wild Earth

Wild Earth was founded in 2016 by Shabia Walia, and is a popular local cosmetic brand. Wild Earth offers natural beauty products free from sulphates and parabens, and has over 17 categories of soaps, scrubs, lip balms, sulphate-free shampoos, shower gels, face mists and gift sets. All cosmetics are handmade and eco-friendly, and contain natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, plant derivatives, sandalwood, turmeric, tulsi, honey and milk. You can buy these products from the company website, and through online stores.

#LBBTip: A part of the revenue goes towards supporting the underprivileged through Shabia’s social initiative “The Bluebells Community.

Cosmeto Food Organic

Cosmeto Food Organic was was founded in 2016 by Himanshu Chadha. This homegrown brand is known for selling products that are made with natural ingredients, and are cultivated free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, GMO, etc. You can shop for face masks, cleansers, scrubs and other body care products from the company website, and on e-commerce platforms too.

Ruby’s Organic

Ruby’s Organic is India’s first organic makeup brand, and is also 100% vegetarian. Their products are made using ingredients like almond and jojoba oil, glycerin, shea, cocoa butter and kaolin clay. Their lipsticks are a huge rage, and we highly recommend buying their oil-based lipsticks. They ship across India.

Neemli Naturals

Neemli Naturals is a homegrown makeup brand in Mumbai that offers hand crafted and natural body care products. The wide range of products include soaps, body scrubs, face masks, lip balms and body mists. Their products are all natural, and are made without using any preservatives or chemicals.

Aroma Magic by Blossom Kochhar

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic has slowly grown to be one of the most popular homegrown makeup brands in India. The largest aromatherapy brand in the country, they have over 170 signature aromatherapy-based products in skincare, hair care, essential oils and curative oils. They use natural ingredients and avoid using preservatives, chemicals or artificial colours and fragrances.