Gift Personalised Mugs, Cushion Covers And More For Under INR 500

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    What Makes It Awesome

    The Doodle Soup is your place if you’re looking for a gift that’s personal, creative and fun to receive. Keya Shah started making doodles of everything big and small to quirk up her room. Now, with The Doodle Soup, she creates doodles for others out of their stories and experiences.

    Want to gift something memorable and unique to your friend? You can speak to Keya, give her a list of at least 20 things your friend likes and memories you have a friend. Keya will make a cool visual representation in the form of fun doodles for you, which you can then buy in the form of framed posters, mugs, playing cards, or even cushion covers. And all of this in only a week’s time.

    If you’re running out of time, you can just pick up one of her ready-made doodles, which are themed around everyone’s favourite Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or even Friends. A ready-made mug would be for INR 399, and a personalised one for INR 799.


    If you belong to the book-loving community (tell us) and also, take a look at these fantastic custom made stamps here. You can get your name and anything of your choice made into a book stamp (a print with your name engraved in it) for you here for only INR 399.

    Stop gifting the same old lifeless presents to your friends (or nothing at all). Think of something personalised and have it done, from The Doodle Soup.

      Available Online