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In Bras We Trust: 10 Brands That Sell The Perfect Sports Bras

Do you underestimate the use of a sports bra? If you nodded yes, then either you don’t work out, or possibly don’t need the sports bra as much as others. And forget only strapping in your assets, these lovely accessories can jazz up your workout gear. And if you think that the Nikes, Pumas and Adidas ones are well out of budget, read on to know about pocket-friendly brands with a plethora of options. 

The Mecca of all things sporty, we love that they don’t kill you with high prices. Kalenji and Domyos rule the shelves here. They have all kinds of sports bras be it sturdy racer backs with thick underbust straps to the more cutesy crop top sorts that are ideal for yoga.

Price: INR 199 upwards

Who better than this high-street brand to blend functionality with fashion? Being quite into sports and working out, we are thankful for their vast collection. So if you’re a runner then their firm fitting bras will suit you well, without compromising on style {think pretty pinks and electric blues}. Or pick the low-impact ones that’ll tide you through light jogging and aerobics classes.

Price: INR 799 upwards

OK, we admit it. We were originally sceptics with this brand.  But when we actually tried it out, we turned fans in a single sprint session. Racer backs, power backs or padded, they’re giving you options in styles within this already limited sub-category. How’s that for choice? Keeping the colours girly but mixed with solids {along the lines of purple and black or pink and grey}, they even have ones with hooks if you’re more comfortable with that.

Price: INR 199 upwards

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