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Tried & Tested By The LBB Crew: Get Fit With These 16 Active Wear Brands

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If you think gym OOTDs are a thing, we guess you are on the right track and if you think working out at home in PJs just doesn't cut it, then you're absolutely right! Like a little makeup and a dedicated workspace make you more productive while working from home, proper activewear pushes you to work out better. Also, don't you think it's always a good idea to not restrict your activewear just to gym or yoga classes, and maybe, experiment a little?

Here are some of the best, trendy and affordable activewear brands (some of which are even lesser-known) to help you sort your pre, during, and post at-home gym looks. 



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If you are looking to invest in good quality apparel, shoes for men, women, and kids, then this Noida-based brand will have you sorted. For women, we are particularly a fan of their t-shirts and leggings, while for men, we heart the footwear. In the past, the brand had also designed a collection for Rajasthan Royals (well, yes you read that right!).

Price: Women's tees start from INR 399, leggings from INR 1,299 while footwear for men start from INR 3,499.



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Offering apparel for both men and women, this brand stocks really trendy and functional products like their tie-dye co-ord sets and leggings that are squat proof. Plus, their garments have all the necessary features such as sweat-wicking, anti-odour, stretchability, breathability, and most importantly, these are incorporated with quick-dry properties. It's the best, especially this time of the year, no?)

LBB Tip: We've used their sports bras, and while they are very fashionable, pick a size smaller than your usual from this brand.

Price: Women's t-shirts start at INR 899 and men's training t-shirts start from INR 795.


For any given customer who's buying athletic garments, comfort and flexibility is a non-negotiable and products from Creez are able to deliver that without a doubt. We've spotted budding influencers like Nikhita Grover and Aakansha Upneja wearing and loving their clothing. What we also really like is that their collection is great to be worn in and out of the gym!

LBB Tip: Their shorts are really a good buy though priced at INR 1,800. They're snug but not tight so running, deadlifts and even Zumba can be done in them. Trust us, we tried!

Price: Women's tees start at INR 999, while the leggings start from INR 1,999 and t-shirts for men start from INR 899.



Sumedha Mahajan a record-breaking endurance runner started Brakefree when she realised that there was a need to establish an authentic sportswear brand for women in the country. The brand has High Impact Champion Tights, High Impact Anti-Odour Tee, High Impact Non-Bouncy Bra which has won the trust of actresses (and dancers) like Nora Fatehi. So, we're going to trust this one. 

LBB Tip: Check out their knee and spine support tights that have been designed specially to protect those niggling joints.

Price: Sports bra starts from INR 2,860, Anti-Odour Tees start from INR 1,600, and tights start at INR 3,000.


With a minimalist approach and a 'less is more' mindset, Athlos is a sustainable activewear brand that makes garments using their signature bamboo fabric. They extract the bamboo yarn by first crushing the leaves and trunk and then soaking the pulp in a solution after which it is washed and spun into yarn - the result of which is a yarn that feels buttery smooth next to the skin and stretchable. 

LBB Tip: The Athlos tees really soak up the sweat, but their quick dry mechanism isn't very quick! Make sure to wash these clothes very separately so the odour doesn't seep into your other clothes. 

Price: Crew training tee for men and women starts at INR 1,290.


Satva uses organic cotton for their garments which has been cultivated free from any pesticides and fertilizers. Even in the making process, no chemicals are used including bleaches, toxic waxes, sulfur and heavy metals that are a part of  the process commonly - only natural, non-toxic dyes are used. So if you're looking to shop sustainable, this is your pick.  

LBB Tip: We definitely recommend this brand for yoga. Less so for running and high-impact workouts. 

Price: Tank tops start at INR 1,499.

Myriad Activewear

With a number of celebrities sporting Myriad's clothing like Shilpa Shetty this brand has been gaining a lot of popularity considering the quality of its products. We love how colourful their garments are and they are quite unique in terms of the styles used in crop tops, and leggings.

LBB Tip: Bralettes from here are ideal for gentler exercises, and not quite your boxing, Zumba or basketball.

Price: Bralette/crop tops start from INR 1,500 while leggings start from INR 1,200.

Yogue Activewear

Yogue Activewear

Started in 2015, Yogue Activewear has comfortable clothing that you can wear to the gym and also outside of it. Find activewear for both men and women in vibrant colours and funky prints. And comparatively, the pricing of their products is quite reasonable too when compared to the Pumas and Nikes of the world. 

LBB Tip: Their crop zippers are super cool. We bought them, and they are great for exercise, and don't look too much like sportswear even if you went to the mall in them!

Price: For women, the price for short tops starts from INR 899, and shorts from INR 999. For men, gym vests start from INR 699, T-shirts start from INR 799.

Kica Active


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Kica is an activewear brand that has a collection of leggings, sports bras, shorts tanks, tops in bright colours, and lots of mesh. Their activewear is light and breathable so you can exercise without worrying about feeling too hot or permanent sweat stains. We love their range of leggings and so do influencers like Miss Malini and Bollywood actresses cum fitness enthusiasts Malaika Arora and Shilpa Shetty.

LBB Tip: We have got to hand it to this brand for their anti-odour mechanism. It really works wonders. And their yellow crop top is a great option for workouts and to generally lounge in!

Price: Leggings start from INR 1,200 and tops from INR 950.



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If you are looking to build your athleisure wardrobe at affordable prices then your search ends here. Their collection is fierce and fashionable, and they have a wide range that you could choose from. While we haven't tried this brand yet, we have spotted actor Ruhani Sharma in their apparel. International sprinter Himashree Roy too wears this brand. They're meant to be size inclusive, but they have only XS to XXL, which is a bit disappointing. 

LBB Tip: They have what is called the Skyria tribe which brings together women to form a community of folks who want to get fit. Check it out here.

Price: Sport bras and bottoms start from INR 1,399 while tops from INR 949.


We love Proyog for their mesh of comfort and style when it comes to yoga attire. They use sustainable organic fabric to create a wardrobe ideal for yoga practitioners, both men and women. The range features blouses, high neck crop tops, dhotis, tees and pants.

LBB Tip: The dhotis take a while to get used to, but when you do, they're great for yoga!

Price: Starting at INR 1,000.

Cava Athleisure

Cava Athleisure

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Two siblings started this brand in 2020 to stop themselves from going crazy during the pandemic. Cava offers athleisure that goes beyond trends and is made from premium and sustainable materials along with comfortable silhouettes - perfect for relaxing, chilling or lounging with friends. 

LBB Tip: You must check out their co-ord sets that have a reputation to be super comfortable while travelling (we've spotted Kiara Advani serving looks repeatedly)

Price: Women's tops start at INR 799 and bottoms at INR 999


With core values of self-love, acceptance and being present in every moment, big or small. Their collection especially focuses on size inclusivity and changing stereotypes to build a community where people feel comfortable in their skin. We tried the Uplift leggings from Aastey, and we're fans. Also, they have an entirely different way of working with sizes (including naming the sizes!). So, if you wear XS you're Lightening, or XL, which is also UK 20, you're a lovely Rainbow!

LBB Tip: If you're under about 66 inches tall (that is about 5 feet and 6 inches), then for the bottoms, get the 7/8 length options. They come just to the ankle and are ideal as full tights/tracks. The full-length ones are made for slightly taller folks!

Price: Starting at INR 1600

Bliss Club

Bliss Club

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We've heard their leggings have been giving Lululemons a hard time! Understanding the needs of Indian women this brand offers activewear for Indian women’s varied body types and shapes, 7 varied sizes to be precise. They also come with 5 pockets which are very handy if you need your lip balm, keys, cash and phone while exercising. 

LBB Tip: Sizes go from XS to XXXXL, so they really are inclusive. But make sure you don't put your phone in the hidden back pocket if you're going for a sweaty workout. The fabric isn't very quick-dry and retains sweat. 

Price: Women's t-shirts start at INR 799 and bottoms at INR 1699

Future Of

Future Of

Future Of is built on the foundation of transparency and inclusivity and offers a capsule collection of loungewear for which it uses conscious and sustainable design practices. Motivated by the desire to create a platform that fosters not just exceptional items but also constructive ideas.

Price: Starting at INR 2550

Pace Active

Pace Active

With the aim of creating pieces that lets you hit the gym at 6am and have a gin at 6pm, Pace Active creates high-quality activewear that fits like a dream. Three words to describe the brand? Transitional, Functional and Chic. 

LBB Tip: They have two types of fabric - Performance Gloss and Core Compression. If you want your tights and tees to be stretchy and fluid, pick the Performance Gloss collection. For that snug fit and feeling of your clothes holding you in, the Core Compression is best. 

Price: Women's tops start at INR 2800 while leggings start at INR 3800


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