We Tried Out Kica's Trendy Activewear & Here's Why We Love The Brand

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What Makes Them Awesome

Time to get rid of all your worn out gym clothes that don’t give you the right kind of support or motivation during your workout sessions. Kica Activewear has everything from bicycle shorts to hoodies for women with different workout preferences that don't just look good while working out, but also are trendy enough to nail all those off-duty celeb looks we see all over Instagram. 

What we love about their range is the quality of the fabric used, it’s highly stretchable and is ultra soft. They can totally pass off as second skin. They have all types of pieces that’ll help you suit your needs, such as hoodies, sports bras, high waist leggings, bicycle shorts, cotton t-shirts, and the most comfortable pair of tracks. They have basic shades and trendy designs, that can make you look extremely elegant and can easily double up for casual outings. We believe in the power of good gym-wear and how that can make a whole lot of difference.

We've got their jackets, a few of the tops, including this overlapping mauve one, their track-top sets. The jackets range from quilted ones to light and easy running ones. Thankfully, they don't absorb the sweat and smell instantly! Same with the tops actually. We particularly like the wide-mesh options, when doing a heavy workout. 

Price: INR 900 onwards for apparel, INR 150 onwards for accessories


They also have some super durable mats made out of cork that have better grip than typical mats.