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Seekh And You Shall Find: Here's Where You Can Get The Best Street Style Kebabs In Mumbai

Ever dreamt of juicy, succulent kebabs making their way to your plate? If you’re all about running to a place so that you can have a piping hot plate of kebabs with chutney and onion rings, this list is for you.

They have a variety of dishes for you to indulge in, like their mutton and chicken seekh kebabs, khiri tikkas, kalamiri tikkas, malai tikkas and boti kebabs. The meat is tender and flavorsome. These delicacies are served with wholewheat rotis. Their service is prompt and the food is priced reasonably too.

Price Range: INR 300 (for two people)

Closer to the Persian shish kebabs, these ones at Sarvi are long and flat, and bear no color of any masala, but the perfect grilling of it is what makes it lip-smacking. Mildly flavored to savor the mushy, melt-in-the-mouth texture, these kebabs are best paired with the over-sized tandoori rotis. The roti has its own unique flavor, which we believe is due to the dough being kneaded in milk or cream. 

Price Range: INR 250 (for two people)

A parantha and two kebabs can be had for around INR 70, which is a stellar dinner option because it's pocket-friendly. Sit on the worn-out benches, with no menu, no formalities and no fuss. The kebabs are made from bade ka gosht, which used to be an equivalent for beef and is now known as the water buffalo meat. The paranthas are half tava and half deep-fried, coming out crisp and bubbly in texture from outside and yet soft like a roti from the inside.

Price Range: INR 400 (for two people) 

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