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Find A Piece Of Goa In Mumbai At This Hidden Beachside Cafe

Ten-Second Takeaway

Finding a clean serene beach to sit and dine while enjoying a gorgeous sunset in Mumbai is a tough task. Having a beach view and eating on a beach are two different things and the later definitely takes the cake. Café Serene in Thane is one of those hidden gems that lets you enjoy the pleasure of having a nice meal on a clean secluded beach!

Tell Me More

Located on Virgin Beach in Uttan Bhayender, Thane, Café Serene is known for its ambiance and feel. Their fusion of Indian and Moroccan architecture sets the perfect mood to send you in a trance as you feel the sea breeze caressing your face while digging into your favorite meal over a conversation. The restaurant is perfect for a date night, a family day out or even a hang out scene with friends. Their separate seating arrangements for family, couples and stags makes it the go to place for everyone.

Apart from beautiful décor of canopies, beanbags and ornamental chairs, the restaurant also hosts kickass DJ Nights and a lot of events like bonfire evenings and Bollywood parties. Keep a check on their Facebook page for the same.

When it comes to food, Café Serene doesn’t disappoint. From Indian to Chinese to soups to salads, they have it all.

So, We're Saying...

If you want to enjoy a priceless view while eating or dance away the night on the sand, we have found a perfect place for you. There cannot be a better spot for a date night, believe us!

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