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Swipe Right: Know These Mumbai Spots For The Perfect First Date

First dates are important. The excitement, the nervousness, the curiosity and the attraction- all of it. There are too many emotions flying around, and you need just the perfect spot to handle all that gracefully. So, here are some places that might help.

Nothing better than enjoying the sunset over the sea on the first date! Estella will make you fall in love with its food, the delicious cocktails and most of all, with the amazing view of Juhu beach that it affords. It is a lounge that screams date night. With seating areas within as well as chairs on an open deck looking out to the best view of the Mumbai sunset {and an island bar connecting them both}, this is the place to go for a quiet date night.

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If you wish to take your date to Goa for the first dinner, we have found an option closer to you. Located on Virgin Beach in Uttan Bhayender, Thane, Café Serene is one of those hidden gems that let you enjoy the pleasure of having a nice meal on a clean secluded beach. There cannot be a better spot for a date night, believe us!

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If you are looking for a casual date and love animals, we have just the right spot. Our beloved Cat Café Studio in Versova is a feline lover’s heaven. Did you know they serve homemade baked goodies and delicious bagels? It has a very chill vibe to it doubled with the fact that their resident cats are often found hanging out on the floor.

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