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Through A Forest, In A Hill Station And Under The Rain: Six Marathons To Train For In 2019

A marathon is an exciting, grilling and intense activity. Run by veterans, amateurs and even beginners, running a marathon often becomes a milestone activity one needs to check off their list. Have you been goal marking a marathon to run in 2019? If yes, look out for these marathons to participate in 2019 to prepare yourself fully.

The Vasai-Virar Marathon is an annual marathon that is organised in the far suburbs of Mumbai. Since its first event in 2011, hundreds of participants come from in and around Vasai. The marathon generally takes place in December. It’s a full marathon covering 42.2 kilometres starting from Viva College and back. However, if you’re not up for a full marathon, you can also sign up for the half marathon {which’ll cover 21 kms}.

The marathon is exciting because the route is nice, the roads are wide and open. Sign up for this if you’re looking for spectators, volunteering opportunities and more.

#LBBTip: There’s a free transport facility that runs from Virar Railway station for full marathon participants.

Every year, during the monsoon season, four marathons are arranged at four exotic locations over a stretch of four months. You can run for all four or run for one, the choice is yours. The locations are the ones which are completely drenched with greenery and nature. So, unlike the other marathons, this one would be more refreshing than tiring. 

The marathons start during June-end. The first one will kickstart on June 23, 2019. The four locations chosen this year are foothills of Prabalgad near Panvel, Matheran, Stone Ridge Valley and Durshet forest. So this monsoon, get over the pakora-chai at home, get out and run.

Monsoon Madness is an annual event organised by Running and Living Infotainment run by Rahul Verghese held around the Aarey Milk Colony. The marathon is unique mainly because the area is green and leafy, also known as the ‘green land’ of the city, Rahul tells us. He adds, it’s also a tough one to run owing to its rough hilly route.

The marathon is conducted twice a year, once in June and November. The marathon either happens when it’s raining, or when it’s not and either way the participants are drenched. One can sign up for one of the three categories, 5 kms, 10 kms and 21.1 kms (which is the half marathon).

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