11 Things You Will Relate To Only If You're A Fergusson Student

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Whether you are currently a student of Fergusson or an alumnus of the college, read on to find out about these 11 facts which are totally relatable.

Chilling at Kimaya

We’re sure the word ‘Kimaya’ brings back many cherished memories to all fellow Fergussonian's. Kimaya – the open air theatre has witnessed a galore of events and performances and talented artists. But when there are no events, this spot is where all the ‘bunking and chilling’ goes on.

One Of The Oldest Libraries In Pune

‘The Bai Jerbai Wadia Library’ in Fergusson is probably one of the oldest libraries in Pune. For those of you who know (if you’ve ever stepped inside), the library has two floors and houses an approximate of 3,00,000 books and research journals. That’s a lot of knowledge there.

Events All Year Round

The best parts of being a student of Fergusson College are the numerous events taking place all year round. These events are the proudest moments of every student’s life where they show the world (or at least Pune) how brilliant they are at throwing and enjoying parties. This is the one thing no Fergussonian would ever want to let go off.

Standing Still Twice A Day

Not many colleges do this, but Fergusson College plays The National Anthem at 7 am every morning. It also plays The National Song at 6 pm every evening. What’s fascinating is that along with students and teachers, onec in a while, you'd also spot the dogs here standing still while these national songs are played! Now that’s a double dose of patriotism and loyalty at it’s best.

Wandering The Lanes Of FC Road

FC Road is the street which is named after the college. Known for its restaurants and shopping outlets, it is insanely packed on all days of the week. Teachers find most of their students scattered on this street, in little lanes rather than in their classes. If you haven't shopped at FC road, then what have you really done!?!

The Amphitheatre

The legendary 100-year-old Amphitheatre of Fergusson College recently celebrated its 100th birthday. While its also used for lectures, you'll see a lot of students hanging around when they're free.

The Dilemma Of Pigeons

Only students of Fergusson College {of course if you’ve attended classes} will understand what it is like to study in the company of pigeons. Long lectures and shitty desks {pun intended} are a part of every Fergussonian's day.

Table Fans – A Must

Imagine surviving without a fan. If you can’t, ask a hostel-ite from Fergusson College. The hostels at Fergusson College have no ceiling fans. Like literally. So in order to survive the Pune heat, students are meant to carry their own table fans.

Meals At IMDR Canteen

Every hard-core Fergusson student has at least once had the famous ‘bread-pattice’ from the popular IMDR Canteen. Although not a part of the college, it’s a common hang out spot for students.

The Not-So-Popular Gym

Although most students might not know about this, but there is a gym at Fergusson College. While rarely used and not much cared for, we decided that this much-ignored part of the college deserves a mention. Did you know about this?

Midnight Rehearsals

Anyone who has been a part of the cultural team would know the tradition of rehearsing through the night till the sun comes up. While this is caused due to not being able to miss classes during the day, these rehearsals lead to some of the best memories!