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Mapro Gardens Is Now In Lonavala & We're Telling You All About It

    What Is It?

    No trip to Mumbai is complete without stopping at Lonavala or vice-versa. Along with getting yourself some of the famous Maganlal chikki, gorge on the delicacies served exclusively by Mapro Garden at their newest outlet in Lonavala.

    How Do I Get There?

    Mapro Garden is located on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway. For the detailed address, click here.

    What Did I Like?

    A franchise of the reputed Mapro Garden at Mahabaleshwar, this new outlet in Lonavala opened recently on 29th June. While the traffic is always heavy on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, this restaurant, right off the highway provides to be an amazing relax-rejuvenate-then-resume-your-journey kind of place. We love that the restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and friendly and co-operative staff.

    The restaurant serves some delish ice-cream flavors {strawberry being our favorite!}, grilled sandwiches, pizzas and drinks. Started as a small business producing only strawberry jam, they now are known worldwide for their fruit products like jams, crushes and squashes. Mapro Garden spoils us for choices and also provides testers for various products.

    For those of you who wanna spend time being close to nature, Mapro Garden is closely connected to many lodging hotels. We hear they provide delivery services to areas in and around Lonavala. They also have a khakra factory here which is an added attraction!

    Anything Else?

    Set against a beautiful backdrop of lush green trees and magnificent Sahyadri ranges, Mapro Garden in Lonavala is the perfect pit-stop if you're driving to Mumbai or visiting Lonavala.