Art & Decor Lovers, Gift Your Loved Ones These 3D Printings This Christmas

    What Makes It Awesome?

    A 3D printing service available right here in Pune was in itself a surprise. Phantom 3D Works, as it is called, has been in operation for about six months now. And why exactly is 3D printing so exciting to a furniture designer and a decor lover? Its because 3D printing can create some amazing, never seen before forms with relative ease and also in far less time. That's why! Which means exclusive decor pieces made to your liking. It also means printing scale models of your furniture models and a better understanding of proportions and forms. They currently manufacture all kinds of pieces like candle holders, vases, planters, scale models, low poly models to name a few that got me interested. Situated in Wanworie, the place is quite accessible and is open on all days from 11am to 7pm except on Sundays.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The address on the map will take you into St. Patricks Town from gate no. 1. Skip that and enter directly through Gate 4, to Bungalow 7 and voila, you've reached your destination.

    Anything Else?

    Phantom has their own line of products that they design and retail as their own. They also provide printing services for anyone with a 3d model of their piece. Don't know 3d modelling? Worry not, these guys are pro and will also help you model things with their expertise if and when needed. Phantom also conducts regular workshops on 3D printing to educate the layman more about this new technology and use it to their own applications. Plus, check out their Facebook page here - {} and Instagram handle here - {@phantom3dworks} for updates.