We Found A Restaurant That Serves 15 Types Of Pohe & You'll Love It Too

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Whether you're from Maharashtra, Gujarat, M.P. or wherever else in the country, your style of poha or pohe may be different but the love for it isn't. Taking this love to a whole new level, Aamhi Pohekar in Sadashiv Peth offers over 15 types of pohe and a number of dishes made from poha.

A small humble restaurant, Aamhi Pohekar is the brainchild of Tushar Pawar and four other partners. Since its opening in April, the place is always bustling with people from across the city.

The restaurant almost has no seating and is designed with an intention to serve those who are in a rush to reach work but don't want to skip breakfast. There are a few high tables where you can place your plate and eat. There's also a sign that reads 'I Love Pohe' and makes for the perfect backdrop for photos incase you're one to flood your Instagram with food pictures.

You will find a variety of poha to choose from, some of which you might not have even heard of. They serve the traditional gharche pohe (home-style), Indori-style poha, the Marathi classic dadape pohe, which comes with a tadka.

We tried the lesser known Konkani pohe and fell in love. This style of poha originates from the Konkan region and is cooked with a generous amount of fresh desiccated coconut. More fresh coconut is added while serving. They also add chopped and potatoes fried with its skin, which adds more flavour to the dish.

Next, we decided to go a little off beat and tried their dahi pohe. Who would've thought that curd and poha paired well? The poha is mixed with creamy yoghurt, a tadka of red chilly and other spices is added and the result is delicious beyond our imagination. You must also try their bhel poha, cheese poha, misal poha and other experimental dishes.

Aamhi Pohekar has incorporated poha in ways that are unimaginable. They have created nuggets, burgers, aloo tikki, balls using poha. They also have desserts like chaha poha, which is sweetened poha cooked in tea.

We also tried their poheche ladoo that had a hint of desi ghee and was mildly sweet. It's also a healthy alternative to regular ladoos.

All in all, Aamhi Pohekar is indeed a heaven for all those who love poha and you must visit if you're one.


The restaurant also offers takeaways but you need to carry your own reusable containers or tiffins. It's the restaurant's way to promote a waste-free lifestyle.

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