Party On A Budget: Head To These Bars In Kharadi Post Work

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Thanks to happy hours, corporate deals and daily offers, these bars in Kharadi make it possible for you to enjoy a party on a budget!

The FML Lounge

Rated as the best hangout joint after a tough week at work, this pub is seen buzzing every weekend thanks to great commercial gigs and supper affordable alcohol rates. Offers during the week keep patrons coming back even on weekdays, and if you’re planning one of those month-end parties, Fly High comes highly recommended. A pint here costs INR 135.

Local Gastro Bar

Wish to enjoy a good party in Kharadi, complete with good food, cheap booze and super fun music? Local Gastro Bar is one of the best places to enjoy a party on a budget, and their deals and offers make this bar a hot favourite amongst those in the neighbourhood. The ambiance too is cozy, and makes for a memorable night out. A pint here costs INR 125.

Hotel Prachi

Hotel Prachi is seen buzzing with diners all throughout the week, especially those who like to enjoy a drink or two with their meals. This bar comes with good Maharashtrian food, and a super affordable booze menu. Head over for a casual dinner to catch up with your friends after a long day. A pint here costs INR 160.

Café 1730

Head over to enjoy a lovely meal coupled with affordable booze, and on weekends, get set for a good party! They have great buffet, live music, brunches, and even screen matches. Keep an eye out for their deals! A pint here costs INR 175.

Drinx Exchange

Happy hours and offers on booze make this an economical bar, and patrons flock to this budget bar in Kharadi over the weekend to enjoy a good party and night out. They have good deals for corporates too. This space is seen buzzing even on a weekday, thanks to the good ambiance, service, food and affordable booze. A pint here costs INR 80.