Scale This Because If GOT Was Shot In India, This Fort Would Be The Eyrie

Ahmednagar Fort

What Makes It Awesome?

Located only three hours away from Pune, the once impregnable fortress of Ahmednagar fort is a must-visit for history buffs, adventure seekers and trekkers. 

Built in the early 15th century by Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah I and later developed by Hussian Nizam Shah. The Ahmednagar fort was known for it’s high bastions, tricky passages, tall watch-towers, trenches and many other defence systems, which makes this fort an exciting place for history buffs. The most famous ruler of this fort was Chand Bibi who was known to be ruthless and extremely protective of her son. Imagine Lysa Arryn from GOT in medieval India and Ahmednagar as the Eyrie.

The Ahmednagar fort has a number of places at the fort that are still in the best of conditions. The then used defence stations, fortified walls, main entrance gates are a must see for a good insight of the Mughal architecture. 

The fort also provides a good panoramic view and is suitable for bird watchers. You can also find a quiet corner in the fort and enjoy the calm and peace around as you flip through a nice novel. 

However, since the fort is currently under the command of the Indian Army, there are no food stalls on the fort but at the foothills you will be able to find a number of dhabas or snack centres. The food stalls serve your basic Maharashtrian snacks such as bhajis, vada pav, misal pav (of which Ahmednagar has its own version), among other items. We suggest you fill up a bottle of freshly churned buttermilk from any of these stalls to keep yourself hydrated and energetic for this hike. 

Fortunately, the Ahmednagar fort charges no entry to its visitors and is open for all seven days of the week. But, it shuts down after 6 p.m.

The route to Ahmednagar fort is a pretty easy. It’s only a three hour drive from Pune if you take the Nagar Highway. Since the fort is in the main city, it’s not very difficult to spot the fort. And, you'll also find busses that'll take you to the city too.


Carry an extra bag to avoid littering the fort. And also, you'll need a good amount of water bottles for the hike.

Ahmednagar Fort