These Handcrafted Gourmet Spice Blends & Pickles Will Remind You Of Mom's Love

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What Makes It Awesome

Health, spice, and everything nice — this is the motto Ammiji's swears by! Known for their handcrafted range of spice blends and gourmet ingredients, Ammiji's is known to remind you of your ma/grandma's love.  

Spice blends, kaadhas, papads, tangy achaars, spreads, coolers, sweet treats — they have an exhaustive range of products. But, let's start with everyone's favourite - achaar. Whether it's jazzing up your boring dal chawal or you've gotta spice up your butter paratha, every Indian household depends on these jars full of tanginess, spice and khatta pickles. Get your hands on their amazing mix veg pickle, mango pickle and many more.      

We love how they make seasonal kaadha powders starting at INR 399, that you need to add in lukewarm/hot water and simply gulp down. We bet you will walk down the memory after using the aromatic garam masala. 

Quench your thirst or end your lunch with Ammiji's special badaam sherbat or phaalsa berry sherbat (latest launch) or you can simply opt for hot beverages that are topped with chai masala. Sans any allergens, these natural masala powder comes in four flavours and are known to aid vitality, immunity, and digestion. The price starts at INR 499 per jar.

Sweet tooth? We cannot wait to try the gul bombs (sweet balls made of fennel, sugar and gulkand) and the sinful caramel chocolate sauce. They keep launching new products and update about it on their social media handles as well!


Remember how your grandma used age-old 'nushke' and herbal products to cure you of cough and cold? Check out their website and go through their blog that has a lot of information about home remedies.