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    We Swear By The Anti-Slip Footwear From FC Road

    Sneha posted on 24 July


    A good pair of rain shoes must ensure maximum grip to avoid all that slipping and skidding. We went shopping on FC Road and got ourselves 5 pair of shoes to make our lives easier (and safer) during monsoon. Check it out!

    Florescent Pink Slip-On

    We bought a pair of full-coverage, rubber-sole pink slip-on from Cute Walk for INR 350. These shoes have curved patterns on the sole that provide great grip on wet surfaces. And, for what it's worth, these are super trendy too! 

    Rubber Wedges

    Monsoon or not, keeping in style is necessary. But let's be practical. High heels can be extremely risky to walk in during rains. Solution? Behold, this pair of navy blue anti-slip wedges in navy blue for INR 400. 

    Floral Pumps

    Want a pair of rain shoes that has an adorable pattern on it yet is reliable to survive monsoons? Priced at INR 250, this multi-colour floral pumps, made of rubber slick soles are just about perfect. 

    Zig-Zag Slip-On

    Add some spunk and colour to your monsoon shoes with this cute pair of anti-skid, comfy slip-on (for INR 200) with a zig-zag pattern on the tip. 

    Jelly Shoes

    Priced at INR 150, this pair of hot pink jelly shoes from FC Road is water-resistant, durable, stylish and an absolute necessity in your wardrobe. 

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