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This Home Grown Brand Offers Chemical-Free Syrups & Condiments For A Healthy Lifestyle

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you too are switching to a chemical free lifestyle but can’t miss out on condiments and syrups, Anushka Processed Foods will supply preservative-free stuff to you. From squashes, juice syrups to muramba and ketchups, they have all the things that bring out the best in your everyday food and it’s all chemical free. 

Started by Savita Pawar, a homemaker who turned into an entrepreneur,  Anushka Foods has been in the F&B industry for the past 13 years. In its initial days, they made everything  from ketchups to syrups at home and now, since the past year, it has been functioning from their production unit at S.B. Road. Unfortunately, they don’t have a physical store currently but you'll find their products at a few stores across the city. They also accept orders through their Facebook page or even by a call. 

The brand prides itself in making quality and preservative-free condiments. When the brand was formed, it was extremely famed for its tomato ketchup. However, since the past year, along with the famed ketchup, they have also gained popularity for their imily ketchup and chyawanprash. Despite adding a number of herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients, the concoction of the chyawanprash does not taste bitter. It is a popular energiser among all age groups. 

Along with the chyawanprash, they are also very famous for their juice syrups. The most sold product is their lemon and ginger squash. This squash has a very different and refreshing taste. It can be stirred into soda or water and you are good to go. They also have a number of other syrups that are made with seasonal fruits. Since it's absolutely chemical free, these seasonal syrups are available only during the fruit’s season and have a maximum shelf life of around three months. You can try flavours such as ginger lemon, pineapple, apple and other fruits all round the year. 

Drawing inspiration from her Maharashtrian roots, Pawar also makes a number of condiments. You must try their chunda, murabba, sakhar aamba, muravla, gulamba among other variants. 

If you are planning to place an order you can get in touch with them. However, if it's for individual use, there are nominal delivery charges applied. But if you are ordering on a large scale, the delivery charges are inclusive of the prices. They run various offers throughout the year where there are no delivery charges over a minimum order, so do keep a tab of their Facebook page.