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Facing Work Stress? Calm Your Nerves With These Stress-Busting Apps

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Working from home or office can be stressful at times to such extent that it takes a toll on your mental health. Worry not! Use these apps that will instantly calm your nerves. 


Moodpath app is also known as your mental health companion. Download this app to track your emotional and mental state by frequently checking up on you. The app has more than 150 personalised exercises that help you seek balance, and stability that you are looking for. Most of all, you understand the emotions you are feeling.


Happify is one such application that tries to encourage positive thinking. How? They have science-based activities and games that will help you eliminate negative thought-process. Want to calm down with breathing techniques? This app will guide you too!


Craving for some peace and calm? Download this app and rejuvenate with nature sounds, subliminal music and affirmation pep-talks by some experts who can delve deep in your emotions and heal you. If you face trouble while sleeping or have bad sleeping patterns, this app will work wonders for you.


Take a deep breath and relax. Whether you are taking a short break or are done with work, tune in to this app that tells you about the art of breathing and letting go of worries, fears, sadness and stress that hectic work schedule causes.