We Had A Date Night For Under INR 1,000 At This Pub In Pune

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What Did I Like?

People of Aundh, have you checked out Mad About Drinks - the newest pub in the area? If not, do it right away! Located next to Kobe Sizzlers, Mad About Drinks is a small, funky-looking pub with pocket-friendly food and drinks on the menu.

The interiors are painted in black with quirky murals and quote bubbles on the walls. There is a small bar and kitchen counter, and the seating is limited to about 30-40 people. Though small, the good part about the place is that it is relatively quiet with soft music playing in the background. You can actually have conversations here, making it perfect for a date night.

When here, try their yummy cocktails that start at INR 300. They're tasty and pocket-friendly, much like the other alcohol here {a beer pint will cost you INR 110 and a small rum will be at INR 69}. Now, that's quite a deal, we think. We particularly loved the blue lagoon cocktail out here, which is a concoction of triple sec, tequila, blue curacao and 7 Up.

Food-wise, we think they can do much better in terms of the presentation and quantity. The Chilli Garlic Thai Chicken {INR 180} that we ordered was a total winner. However, we were a tad disappointed with our Drunken Chicken Noodles {INR 180}. The quantity wasn't sufficient for two people and taste wise, too, they could have made the dish spicier or perhaps, tossed the noodles in some gravy for additional flavours. We recommend sticking to multiple small plates.

What's My Pro Tip?

We strongly recommend the Thai Red Curry served with and prawn rice {INR 200}. The dish does justice to the fresh Thai flavours - while the red curry has a distinctive coconut-like taste to it, the rice is tossed in mouth-watering fish and oyster sauce with garlic, serrano and basil. This one definitely gets our approval.

Overall, it was a good experience. The staff is extremely polite and their service is pretty quick.

Anything Else?

Mad About Drinks has opened up another outlet on Law College Road, which we hear is bigger and better. So, do check that out and let us know about your experience too.