This Homebaker Has Got Amazing & Healthy Vegan Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Vegan Cakes by Back To The Basics - this Home baker located in Koregaon Park, bakes amazing Vegan products.

To me Bread is Life! I can skip roti but not bread. Most bread you find in the grocery store or even at bakeries have preservatives and added food colour. But the hunt for the Healthy bread ended when I came across Veganfoodpune. Their bread is - Cholesterol Free, Trans Fat-Free, Dairy-Free and even Guilt Free. They also come in different flavours like flaxseed, tomato, spinach and cauliflower and bottle gourd.

They also bake some delectable cakes. All their cakes, pastries, cupcakes, cheesecake are made using 80% wholewheat with only 20% refined flour. They have replaced refined sugar with jaggery as a sweetener. Isn’t that great if you’re diet conscious? They also serve bagels, pizza base, quiche, crackers, butter, ice cream.

Ps- Give it a try once and you won’t regret.

Their prices are very affordable and worth every penny!

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500