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This Cute Nursery In Baner Will Turn Your Garden Into A Pinterest-Worthy Dream

    Baner, Pune

    If you are driving down from Baner towards SB Road, you cannot miss this beautiful roadside nursery, next to a cane shop, on Abhimanshree Chowk. We decided to check it out and fortunately enough, found gorgeous stuff for our home and garden for as low as INR 50.

    Earthen Lantern For INR 120

    These beautiful pieces of earthen lanterns with floral carvings add a rustic touch to terrace gardens and balconies. Painstakingly handcrafted to perfection, each piece is priced at INR 120 and is definitely worth a buy. If you’re in to DIY, paint these in vibrant hues of red or yellow, to brighten up your space.

    Wind Chime For INR 80

    This nursery is a treasure trove of handmade wind chimes in quirky shapes and patterns. We picked this wood-and-ceramic one with tiny petals and birds on it, for INR 80. Hang this by the back door or from an open window and let the positive energy circulate all day long.

    Colourful Lotus-Shaped Pot For INR 250

    If you’re bored with your usual earthen flower pots, revamp your garden with these multi-colour lotus-shaped ones in green, vermilion and indigo, for just INR 250 a piece.

    Teardrop Flower Vases For INR 300

    While you may easily shell out thousands for curvy teardrop-shaped flower vases from high-end home decor shops, we found these cute pieces in elegant designs and variety of colours at throwaway prices. You can also check out their collection of cylindrical and flared vases, starting at INR 200.

    Turtle Ashtray For INR 50

    Now you don’t expect to find ashtrays at a nursery, but this one has an array of them in different shapes and sizes. Priced at INR 50, we couldn’t keep our eyes of this adorable earthen turtle ashtray!

    Hand-Painted Ceramic Pot For INR 380

    If you have a big garden, place these hand-painted ceramic pots at different corners for an added aesthetic look. These pots range between INR 350 and INR 500, although make sure you bargain for a better deal.

    Potted Plants Starting At INR 200

    We found an abundance of winter flowers out here; from exotic Amaryllis to charming Camellia, marigold and hybrid tea roses. If you want something low maintenance, we recommend you go for succulents or grafted cactus.

    Wall Hanging For INR 150

    The decorative pieces of wall hangings out here are to die for! Priced at INR 150, this tribal-face mask was just the right pick for our plain white walls.

      Baner, Pune