Find A Drinking Buddy In This Group That's For Women Who Love Beer

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What Makes It Awesome?

Girls and ladies, new to the city or otherwise, if you have been looking for a chill girl-squad that shares your love for beer, look no further. The Beer Angels group is the squad you need in your life. 

The brainchild of Aditi and Ambika, The Beer Angels stems from the need of creating a safe and fun space for women who love drinking beer. Aditi also tells us that they also intend to break the stereotype that women don’t like beers or don’t understand beers. The group started on, an online platform that allows people to host meetings. However, because of certain limitations, they decided to go independent of the platform. Using communication platforms such as Whats App and Instagram, the group, which started from 10 members, now has around 50 to 60 members. 

The way to join this cool group is a rather simple one. All you have to do is be a girl of legal drinking age (which is 21 for beer and wine in Maharashtra). Secondly, just send a message to their page on Instagram and voila! You’re officially a Beer Angel. The best part is, if you are not comfortable being showcased on their social media platforms due to personal reasons, your privacy is respected. They also don’t charge any kind of joining fees. In fact, there are certain breweries that offer special discounts to the group. 

The group conducts a meet-up officially once a month. However, once you are a part of the group, there is no restriction if you want to meet fellow members otherwise as well. In case you have had a long day and really need a drink, you can just drop a message on the group and see if anyone is up for it. They also host a few workshops throughout the year where you will be informed about the different kinds of beers that are made and their processes. Aditi tells us that they had also taken a tour of the Great State Ale Works’ brewery.

For the meet-ups or otherwise, the group follows Pune’s favourite way of splitting the bill which is TTMM. If you don’t know the full form of this, we’re sorry to inform but you need more Puneri friends!

P.S. It means 'tu tera, mein mera'