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Bite Into 11 Of The Best Burgers In Pune

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Bread, patty, pickles, cheese, and fresh veggies - what makes a great burger? We think it's all about everything that goes in. And, because it's such an easy item to find and order - we've eaten a ton of them around Pune. 

So, here's our list of the best burgers in Pune:

Buff Burger At Burger11

A delivery-only kitchen, Burger 11 serves burgers that no one can stop talking about. It's idea for late-night hunger pangs too, because they operate from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm (except on Mondays) and then again from 7.30pm to 4.00am. We recommend digging into their juicy buff burger, which is made with a quarter-pound of meat. It has cheese, garlic-pepper mayo, and the classic tomato-onion-gherkin combo. We also love their chicken burger, which is SO GOOD with a side of masala fries.

If you're not into burgers, or watching what you eat, then try their carb-free lettuce ‘bombs’. There's no buns used here, just plain meat and veggies and it's absolutely delicious!

Hulk Smash Burger At Super Burgers India

If you're a fan of buff burgers, you'll get the juiciest one at Super Burgers. A delivery kitchen, running out of Boteco, if you live in Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar and other areas nearby, you can order from here. The burger is simple: with cheese, a crisp and fresh lettuce among other items. You can opt for a single or a double patty. A meal for two will cost you about INR 700. 

Mushroom Burger At Sorted Delicatessen

Want a burger that also won't add too many calories? Sorted Delicatessen in Kalyani Nagar is where you should head. The grain-free bun has a mushroom and provolone patty and has a tomato and chilly relish, and a spring salad on the side. You'll barely be eating 10g of carbs while digging into this burger. it's a comfortable, filling and a bite with some chilly punch. A meal for two at this deli will set you back INR 1,500.

Fat Cat's Loaded Pork Burger At Fat Cat's Cafe

Apt for quick bites, Fat Cat's Cafe in Wanowrie has delicious food that you MUST dig into. We love their loaded pork burger - made with traditional Goan chorizo, potatoes, onions and served in a bun. The preparation is very traditional Goan, so the burger packs a spicy punch. A meal for two here will cost you INR 800 approximately. 

BC Masala Burger At Rastaman Soul Food Truck

Sitting on Balewadi High Street, Rastaman Soul Food Truck guarantees a satiating experience. The food truck dishes out comfort food, think: burgers, sandwiches and such. Which is also easily grab-and-go. Rastaman has some delicious burgers on offer. We love their BC masala burger, which is their rendition of a butter chicken burger.

Other burgers you might want to try, include soul burger, James bong, and the spicy red naga. A meal for two at the truck will cost you INR 400.

The Vegan Burger At L'dorado Cafe

A food truck turned cafe, L'dorado in Aundh is a great stop to grab a bite that includes burgers, sandwiches and other small bites. For vegetarians and vegans, we recommend digging into the vegan burger. The patty is made with in-house spices, and honestly, is quite lightly spiced. It's a great option for anyone who has recently turned vegan and still craving meat a bit. The burger is super juicy too! 

A meal for two at L'dorado Cafe will set you back INR 400.

Teriyaki Burger At Burgertron

When do you go to Burgertron? We think, this food truck is reserved for those days when nothing but a comforting meal of meaty, juicy burgers can make you feel better. The teriyaki burger is an instant hit, and a favourite of the loyalists too. With a chicken patty doused in teriyaki sauce, fried noodles, garlic mayo and an egg, this is one whacky combination we recommend you try. 

A meal for two here will set you back INR 400. 

Pulled Pork Burger At Burger Craft By Street Meat

Sometimes all you need is some slow-cooked pulled pork seasoned with BBQ sauce, cheese and kimchee, and a visit to Burger Craft can fix this for you. The pulled pork burger comes stuffed with pulled pork instead of a patty, but don’t underestimate the meatiness of this mean creation. And, it's a pretty sloppy one too! 

A meal for two at Burger Craft By Street Meat will set you back INR 500.

Chilli Cheese Bomb Burger At RocoMamas

If you’re around Kharadi and craving for a burger, we suggest you hit up RocoMamas to satiate your tastebuds. The chilli cheese bomb burger comes highly recommended, and is served with a whole lotta cheese, fresh chillies and bacon. The tinge of the sauce and that marinade of the juicy patty make sure that you can and will go out of your way to stop by again.

A meal for two here will set you back INR 1,200. To make your burger experience better, how about ordering a cold beer alongside?

Lamb Cheeseburst Burger At Brgrmeister

Calling all cheese lovers! At Brgrmeister in Kharadi, you will see how a simple lamb burger can be spruced up just by adding the right amount of cheese. This burger comes loaded with cheese, stuffed inside a lamb patty, oozing out with every bite. These kind of burgers are the kinds you get emotionally attached to.

A meal for two here will cost about INR 900.

Chicken Steak Burger at Burger

Oh! How we love Burger in Camp. One of the oldest burger joints in the city, Burger is still serving delicious, meaty burgers to patrons who swear by the brand. And, we still love this place! The chicken steak burger is simple, yet just the most comforting burger you can bite into. No frills, just a plain mean steak that will have you ordering the second one. 

A meal for two here will cost you INR 250, with a side of nostalgia!