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Baked Peach, Tangy Raspberry & More: A Guide To The Best Cheesecakes In Town


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    There are desserts that we love and then, there’s cheesecake! Of course, we’re not talking about the regular blueberry and chocolate chippy-types. Thanks to these cafes, eateries and bakeries, Pune offers more.

    Sweet Chariot

    Located in the center location of the city a.k.a, Koregaon Park, Sweet Chariot offers a delicious twist to the classic chocolate moose by turning it into a cheesecake. A light and soft chocolate sponge cake topped with a rich and creamy chocolate moose, Sweet Chariot offers a perfect ending to a romantic dinner date at just INR 75!



    Koregaon Park, Pune

    Nothing beats a cute patisserie with some classic desserts in the center of the city. Indulgence offers the classic cheesecakes and a delightful sweet and tangy raspberry cheesecake with a buttery crust, worth INR 110 only.

    Mocha Cafe


    Koregaon Park, Pune

    Ever wondered what would it look like if East met West? Mocha has the answer. The classic Indian dessert {rasmalai} meets the classic western {cheesecake} to form a perfect fusion they call; Rasmalai Cheesecake. We also recommend you taste the Cheesecake Brownie {The classic cookie crust replaced by a gooey-ooey chocolate brownie}. A bombshell of flavours at just INR 160!