The Best Place To Hangout With Friends!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Bar Tales: I had been to this place a few days back for dinner with my friends. I liked the concept of this place which is a G+3 and each floor is customised for every section of customers. So these all the things we had there-

* Lychee Apple Cooler: This drink was soothing and had small apple chunks which added that added fruity sweetness.

* TBT (Guava Flavoured): Well I would like to mention that this is their signature drink. It's a spicy guava cocktail which is vodka-based. I just loved it.
* Green Appletini: This was again a vodka-based drink. The green apple provides a soothing effect while on the other hand, the musk melon provides a hint of sweetness to the drink.
* Black Russian: This was my favourite drink of the night. It's a whiskey and Kahlua based drink with coffee beans. This drink gives the caffeine hit which is exactly required.
* Bloody high: This was a LIIT with vodka, gin, tequila, white rum and red wine. This drink gives you the sweet high that is required. This drink doesn't have any added sweetener but the apple slices on the top give the fruity sweet flavour to it.

Besides these drinks, we also tried Jagerbomb and Jagermeister. I would like to mention here that they use all the premium brands of liquor in this place which is a very good thing because no one wants the hangover the day after.

After a good round of drinks, we were served some hot soup.

* Garlic Butter Soup: The soup was very creamy and the texture was smooth. The burnt garlic on the top added a really good taste to it.
Soon after that, we were served the starters which I am mentioning below:
* Hummus and Pita: Hummus is my all-time favourite and this place didn't fail to satisfy me with its taste. They served crunchy pita bread with two types of hummus in this place. One was the original one and the other was the basil flavoured. They also served some pickled veggies on the side.
* Veg Quesadillas: These cheesy quesadillas were generously filled with veggies and cheese and served with some whipped yoghurt and tomato salsa. It was yummy.
* Barbeque Cottage Cheese Strips: The cottage cheese was very moist and juicy. The barbeque sauce was very and I would say that it was a perfect dish.

In the main course I tried the following items from their menu:
* Jamaican Vegetable Stew: This dish was a masterpiece. The curry was very good with a generous amount of exotic veggies and the rice had herbs and beans in it. I loved it.
* Nizami Veg Handi: This is from the Indian main course section. It was a medium spiced dish with lots of ta of veggies and cottage cheese cubes. It went well with garlic naan.
* Hyderabadi Veg Biryani: This was a green gravy based authentic Hyderabadi biryani. The gravy had the hint of mint and it was amazing.

No meal is over without dessert. So for dessert, we had Dusty Road. They have taken their innovative take on a brownie with ice cream in this dish where the have made chocolate soil with the brownie. With four scoops of vanilla and chocolate Icecream and orange zest on the top, this soulful plate of dessert was fantastic.

So if you are in Pune and want to spend some quality time with friends along with good food, this place is a must-visit for you.