Know What Your Cards Say From The Best Tarot Card Readers In The City

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Back in the 15th century, tarot cards were used in Europe to play games like Italian tarocchini and French tarot. It was only by 18th century that tarot cards were incorporated in the discipline of tarotology or fortune-telling. If you’re a believer and want to get an insight into your past, present or future, here’s a list of the city’s best tarot card readers. Know about their services below. 

Dimple Dhalwani

A tarot card reader, meditation coach and spiritual consultant, Dimple Dhalwani is one of our favourite tarot card readers in the city. Pull out your cards and get a reading done to get an insight into your future. Once an appointment is booked, she conducts an hour-long session where you can ask unlimited questions and also seek remedial answers. You can call her or DM her on her Instagram page The Spiritual Wand.

Fee: INR 3500/hour


Based in Ashok Nagar, Kharadi, Tim is a well-known astrologer, tarot card reader and a qualified psychic. Her services include tarot card reading, vedic astrology, kundli making, pendulum dowsing and vastu shastra. If you want to learn tarotology from Tim, write to her on mail. You can seeks guidance regarding career, education, finances and relationships.

Fee: INR 1,500 for 30 min

PS: If you want to know about two specific areas of your life along with remedies, go for 45-minute long sessions for INR 2,000. For an explicit consultation on multiple areas of life with detailed remedies, opt for the 60-minute session for INR 2,500. 

Anjali Shah

Currently, based out of Toronto, Anjali started her career as a tarot card reader in Pune at Bhandarkar Road. Since she travels quite often, you can book an appointment for a Skype, call, mail, or MagicJack session. Besides being an expert at tarot card reading, she is also a certified cartomancist, reiki healer, numerologist, signature, and handwriting analyst.

Fee: INR 2,000/hour for tarot, INR 750 for signature consultation while numerology will cost you INR 1,500.

Anisha Hasija

Based out of Pune, Anisha has been reading tarot cards and offering healing solutions for over 15 years. She combines the discipline of tarot with healing readings. She is known to give detailed guidelines and solutions regarding issues like love, career, health and more. She also deals with angel messages.

Fee: INR 3,060 for a 45-min session.

Maayaa Dhami

Maayaa Dhami is one of the most sought-after tarot card readers in the city. Although she is based out of Koregaon Park, she often shuffles between Chandigarh and Pune. Therefore, an appointment is a must! She deals with traditional tarot card readings and also does numerology, vastu and Feng Shui. She has a pretty straightforward approach. You can ask her questions related to business, career, relationships, health and education, and she will provide you with her readings. She also deals with crystal, pendulum, rudraksha and gems healing.

Fee: INR 1,100 for a 30-min session. Other services like name, mobile number, signature corrections and gems stone recommendation will also cost INR 1,100. For a complete session of tarot card reading with all corrections, the price is INR 3,500.