Bow Your Head Or Simply Explore These Temples In Pune

    Pune has a rich lineage of spiritual and religious places. We have compiled a list of five temples in Pune that are an epitome of sacredness, royalty and are an architectural marvel. If you are not religious, you may want to visit for serenity or exploring the architecture. Read on:

    Sadguru Shri Jangli Maharaj Samadhi Temple

    A major commercial road named after him, Jangli Maharaj lived in Pune during the late 19th century. The temple is built in his honour and his samdhi (grave) is placed around which the temple is built. He was a great spiritual leader and apparently he had all the spiritual chakras enlightened. People worship this place, especially during festivals and it is decorated with lights and laterns. Local people of the area serve a delicious prasad too on these special occasions. Tripura poornima is the day you must visit this place. The entire place is lit up with diyas and it looks mesmerising. The temple is surrounded by lush green forest which makes it a perfect place for chanting. 

    Rokadoba Temple

    Rokadoba Temple

    Shivajinagar, Pune

    This temple holds a very significant value for the people staying nearby. Based behind Congress Bhavan, Shivajinagr in and area called Gavthan, this place is always flooded with devotees. it is a frequent sight where one can see bhajjans and keertans happening during the morning and evening time with throngs of people, especially warkaris singing in the name of god. There is a big area behind the temple, which have miniature temples of couple of gods. Children will be seen playing in that area. 

    ISKCON Temple

    Located in two places, namely Camp and Katraj-Kondhwa bypass, is responsible for propagating the teachings and the values of the great ancient literature of the Vedas. They mainly focus on the teachings of lord Krishna, the understanding of Bhagwad Gita and Srimad Bhagwatam. Bringing people togehter through the common cord of Lord Krishna, bringing actual unity and peace amongst people of all walks of life, mentally and literally. The temple is a huge, clean complex with the marble idols of Radha and Krishna standing in the middle. Their floral decorations are a must watch. The colours spread across the white marble with so many designs and variations, it is sure to leave you enthralled. 

    Saras Ganesh Mandir

    In the midst of the beautiful Sarasbaug, stands this serene temple of ganpati or Shree Siddhivinayak. It is been worshiped since decades by devotees who flock the temple, especially during the Ganpati festival and Chaturthis. It was built in the year 1784 by Shrimant Sawai Madhavrao Peshwa, after which it became a place of worship and leisure for the people of Pune. Considered to be a sacred place of faith, not only the city people but people form all around the world visit this temple to take blessings of the lord of wisdom. Overlooking the clean, pretty lake on one side and the city from the other, watching the sun set as you chant in the temple is a sight to behold. 

    Dhanurdhari Shriram Mandir

    Dhanurdhari Shriram Mandir

    Sadashiv Peth, Pune

    Housed right in the middle of the Pune Vidyarathi Griha, right next to Phadke Hall, Sadashiv Peth,  this temple is special and different to the rest of the Shreeram temples. Here, the Sita is not there and Ram and Laxman are shown in their Balya or late childhood stage. The reason is that this place is an educational institution where high school boys are given education. And that's why the idols in the temple are the of the young Ram and Laxman, signifying the importance of education stage and phase. Some lectures and co-curricular activities are also held in the temple premises.