Wok Your Way To The 9 Best Places In Pune For A Quick Meal

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Taking a household method of Asian cooking and making it a popular fast food option in India is not an easy job! But, many wok places in Pune have been successful in doing so. All around the city you will find several "make your own wok" places that offer great taste and unique flavours. So to help you out, here is a list of top 9 wok places in Pune that will surely scintillate your taste buds:

Purple Wok Co.

Purple Wok Co. is a go-to destination for students in and around Viman Nagar. They specialise in offering customised wok options and other Chinese delicacies. You get an option to choose from a variety of rice, noodles, meats, veggies, sauces, wok sizes and garnishing to create your very own meal. Not only is it tasty and hearty but also super reasonable. Starting at INR 149 plus taxes, you can sort out your meal. We were also very impressed with the variety of sauces they have and if you are into spicy food, then their BBQ sauce will surely blow your mind.

The Quick Wok

Just like it's name. The Quick Wok has been serving piping hot woks in several locations all around Pune. Their most prominent outlets are on FC Road, Baner Pashan Link Road, Pimple Nilakh and Hinjewadi. Unlike other wok places, Quick Wok isn't just limited to Wok Boxes. They also serve delicious refreshments and starters to accompany your meal. When it comes to their woks, you can choose from a variety of sauces, bases, veggies, proteings and garnishing starting at INR 160. We personally love their Thai sauces and fried peanuts as garnishing.

The Wok Box

As one of the first wok places in Pune, The Wok Box has made a solid reputation for itself all around the city. They started off with serving only in Viman Nagar but now they cater to other areas such as Koregaon Park and Kharadi as well. They offer simple combinations of rice, flat wheat noodles, veggies, proteins, sauces and garnishes starting at INR 130. Their hot and spicy sauce with prawns and flat noodles is a crowd favourite! Apart from woks, they also serve some delicious momos and refreshments.

Chop Chop - Wok To Go

If you are looking for a fusion of Thai flavours in your wok, then Chop Chop is definitely going to make you happy. Started in 2017 by two brothers in Koregaon Park, Chop Chop has recently started it's first dine-in space in Aundh serving some delicious pan-Asian food. Their signature wok boxes give you an option to choose from some authentic yet unique sauces, bases, veggies and proteins. Our favourite is their Bangkok curry sauce. It has subtle spice to it but a very heavy coconut flavour to balance it out. You can buy their smallest wok box for just INR 150.

Five Fat Monks

This little Asian joint in Balewadi has slowly become a crowd favourite. Known for it's authentic pan-Asian delights, Five Fat Monks also has an option for making your own wok starting at INR 160. You can either dine-in or get them delivered. Choose from a variety of common sauces such as munchurian, teriyaki, sweet and sour and team it up with your favourite base, veggies and proteins. If you want to turn your experience at Five Fat Monks into a full meal then surely try their baos.

Yana Sizzlers & Wok

Known to serve one of the most delicious, juicy, meat-loaded and great quality sizzlers in the city, Yana Szzlers & Wok also has a respectable wok menu. With the make-your-own wok option, you can pick your desired meat and vegetables to load your rice or noodles. Add sauces and condiments from their assortments like coriander, fresh ginger, garlic flakes, chilly oil and a lot more. Next time you visit to relish on good sizzlers, don’t forget to smack on the wok. A wok will cost you around INR 560.

Mini Wok Oriental Kitchen

If you are craving for a great wok but are low on budget, head to Mini Wok Oriental Kitchen in Model Colony. The space serves one of the most scrumptious and pocket-friendly oriental cuisine at around INR 650 for two people. With a small sit out arrangement, they serve authentic taste with the perfect flavours. Do try their Burmese khao suey, Thai curries, bulgogi chicken and hot and sour soup. They also home deliver!

Wok Express

Initially started as a delivery kitchen, Wok Express is now open as a restaurant at the Phoenix Market City in Viman Nagar. You can either create a dish according to your choice or select one from their a-la-carte. Costing approximately INR 449 for a wok bowl depending on the size, you can choose from their base of classic rice and noodles, any one sauce from their range of ten, overload it with six to nine fresh vegetables or meat choice and add any two seasonings to spice it up.

Wok Masters

Located in Kharadi, Wok Masters's Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Malaysian cuisines already make it a hotspot for chomping on flavoursome and delicious food. But what also is equitably alluring is their wok bowls. Their assortments are so diverse that you will be spoilt for choice. For the base, you can choose from hakka noodles, glass noodles, flat rice noodles, whole wheat noodles and white rice noodles. Add some crunch, freshness and loads of nutrients to your wok with a variety of Indian, Asian and International vegetables. From tofu to prawns, add vegetarian and non vegetarian meaty proteins. Blast your bowl with piquant sauces, helping you choose from sweet, little spicy, spicy and super hot. A single wok will cost your around INR 250 while the unlimited will be approximately INR 450.