Have You Eaten Pav Bhaji With Dry Fruits On Top? We Found It In Pimpri

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What Makes It Awesome?

While on a shopping spree, who doesn’t feel hungry right? We went out and about in Pimpri and while shopping at Sai Chowk, we stumbled across a restaurant that not old parched our hunger but also introduced us to different variations of pav bhaji. 

Big Tawa in Sai Chowk is a small food joint that serves some delicious vegetarian delicacies. As Pimpri is highly populated with the Sindhi community, you will find a taste of their culture almost everywhere. Similarly at Big Tawa, you’ll find dishes with small additions that would remind you of what Sindhi food might taste like.

We went for their Big Tawa special pav bhaji that was for INR 120. It was loaded with butter and lots of delicious veggies but the most surprising part was that it was topped with lots of dry fruits. Even though it was a new addition to a traditional dish, the dry fruits added an extra crunch to the bhaji that we didn’t mind. We also went for their cold coffee that was simple yet creamy and tasty. Big Tawa is known for this tawa pulao and their variation of pav bhajis so don’t miss out on those when you are there.

The seating arrangement at Big Tawa is simple and open. You will get the aromas of all things hot and flavourful, no matter where you are sitting. They have a quick and fast service and the space is also very  hygienic for a street food joint.


They are open all days of the week till 10:30 pm and accept all sorts of digital transactions along with cash.