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This Library Will Home-Deliver Comic Books & The Membership Will Cost You Just INR 200 A Month

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    BigBooks is an online library suited for the readers or beginners. With amazing offers provided by the service, you cannot miss to know more about it.

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    BigBooks has taken readers by storm as they’ve provided plans with unlimited books per month. Yes, truly. What sets it apart is the affordable pricing and no caps on the number of books that can be borrowed. And there’s no registeration fee too! All you do is pay for your preferred plan. The cheapest plan starts at INR 200 per month and again, all plans are for unlimited books. Even  a voracious reader would find buying books expensive. That’s when Rahul Maskara, the owner of BigBooks, came in with this spectacular idea! Keeping a check on quality and quantity, it provides the best and a vast collection of books to choose from! They also offer a free pick and drop service, which benefits it’s users as they receive their books at their doorstep or office or whichever place they please. BigBooks has a vast collection of graphic novels ranging from Alan Moore,Warren Ellis, Alison Bechdel to Neil Gaimon and of course, Archie and Asterix also come under it’s coverage. What’s different? Well, not all online libraries have graphic novels and even if they do, they’re pretty expensive. Not only that, they’re equipped with Recommendation/Request System which allows you to provide insights about the books you’ve read and why others should read them too.You also get to know what others recommend. So you know what you should read next and not ponder over which book to read. What sets it apart is the value given to the readers. Rahul himself calls readers to inform and ask them about new arrivals in the area of their interest and whether they would like to add it to their reading list.

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    BigBooks is currently operational in two cities – Pune and Mumbai. With a simple registration process and following further steps of forming a queue of books you want to read, this startup definitely is a boon to all. You can call Rahul Maskara on +919665401232 in case you need any help from them. Visit for taking that first step! Price: INR 200 per month, 1 book at a time, unlimited books per month; INR 325 per month, 2 books per Month, unlimited books per month

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    Lose yourself in the wide range of  stories and books that BigBooks offers!

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