Where To Get The Most Ah-Mazing Waffles In Pune

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What’s not to love about waffles? They can brighten up a bad day, and make a good one seem even shinier than before. From classic to the unusual, here are 6 of the city’s best places to get your waffle fix at.

Henny's Gourmet

You simply can’t discuss waffles in Pune without talking about Henny’s. Started out as a nightly food truck on Salunkhe Vihar Road in July 2015, their popularity sky-rocketed in no time – with waiting times of upto 3hrs on some days. Now, they’ve opened their own store {yay!} in Wanowrie, where you can enjoy your favourite waffles in a more relaxed atmosphere. We like their premium dark Belgian chocolate mousse, Oreo cream with Oreo cookie butter, and coffee cream with mascarpone cheese; and the classic favourites like banana+Nutella and caramel with cream. They open shop at 8:30, but it’s usually packed with customers so try and get there early on.

Wafflin' Around

Wafflin’ Around is one of the only places we’ve found, that does savoury waffles in Pune. Starting at INR 140 for a cheesey loaded savoury waffle with roasted bell peppers, they also have a cottage cheese makhani waffle with Cajun spices, and a ‘New Mexico’ double savoury waffle with Mexican baked beans, fresh tomato salsa, jalapeño cream cheese sauce, cheddar melt, nachos, topped with a dollop of sour cream.

It sounds crazy, but we were intrigued enough to give it a shot. If you’d rather play it safe, go for their range of sweet waffles. We got a classic Belgian waffle with honey, butter, and maple syrup and loved it. Their 'wafflin’ around freakshake' – made with black coffee from Ghana, almond praline, chocolate chips blended with coffee ice cream, topped with roasted almonds, a chocolate brownie, a waffle, and house-made dark chocolate sauce – is sure enough to satiate any sweet cravings you have for the next entire week.

Tea Villa Cafe

A Viman Nagar favourite, Tea Villa Cafe’s waffles are no-fuss, no-muss delicious. Their Belgian Waffles start at INR 175, and feature toppings like crunchy peanut butter, Belgian chocolate, Oreo, Kit Kat, fresh fruit & cream, banana-caramel, Nutella, etc. and even an apple pie waffle – layered with caramelised apple, dark chocolate and whipped cream – that sounds seriously tempting. You can also DIY it and make your own combination of any four toppings.

The Belgian Waffle Co.

Mumbai’s popular waffle chain – The Belgian Waffle Co. – finally entered the Pune market last year, with two outlets in the city. Famous for their {sweet} waffle sandwiches, which make for quite the treat! Try their butterscotch crunch, the strawberry cream-cheese, the dark & white fantasy and the apple cinna wapple. You can also turn their regular waffle base into a dark chocolate waffle at the added charge of INR 17. Waffle sandwiches are also available with ice cream stuffing – vanilla or chocolate.

The Waffle Hut

Another popular chain of waffle makers- The Waffle Hut was amongst one of the first waffle joints in town. They started with a small outlet inside Pheonix Marketcity in Viman and expanded rapidly soon after. Their waffles come in some really decedant and rich flavours such as peanut butter, coffee mocha and much more. You can team up your waffles with any spread, topping or ice cream you want for less than INR 200. We suggest you also try their simple honey and cinnamon waffle as well.

London Bubble Co.

In 2017 Saurabh Rathore opened the first ever outlet of London Bubble Co. in Mumbai to share the sheer love he had for bubble waffles. Soon, the brand expanded and now has several outlets in more than 15 cities-including Pune. LBC offers a vast menu with a wide variety of bubble waffles, pocket waffles, gelatos, bubble tea, bubble shakes, and other continental desserts. You can grab your favourite waffle here for less than INR 160. Did you know that LBC holds a record of selling one waffle every seven minutes?

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