Breakfast Like Never Before At Social!

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What Makes It Awesome?

I know you would never go to Social in the morning cause like everyone else you think social is a party place, a place to hang out or chilling with drinks and all. So let me redefine social for you.

Morning Social (Breakfast) – Afternoon Social (Lunch) – Evening Social (Chilling) – Night Social (Partying)

So today I’m writing about the new dimension of social. We all have seen socials at night but I want you guys to visit socials in the morning as well, NO!! You should visit in the morning because this place has started serving some amazing breakfast and if you don’t try it then it is your loss.

I started my social breakfast with a masala chai.
I’ll be honest this chai doesn’t beat tapri wali chai but trust me it no less. Perfect amount of milk, perfect kick of tea and yes they serve khari with the chai. So if you are a chai lover like me then you won’t be disappointed.

If you guys are not like me and survive of caffeine then you guys are gonna be high in the joy as they have some really good in house brews. Yes they make their own coffee!

If you are like my best friend (ME) who likes beers with his breakfast then they got you covered. These guys are serving amazing craft beers from different brewers. So yea whatever you need you are sorted here.

Here they have a variety of options for you at breakfast. They have all-day breakfast, breakfast trays, coffees, shakes, ice teas everything.

My personal favorites from the breakfast menu are
1. Pancake Saddlebag
Pancakes loaded with bacon and sausages and topped with a sunny side up and drizzled with maple syrup.

2. Disco Fried Eggs
Served in a very fancy way, this masala wala fried eggs in pav.

3. Sid’s Very Posh Breakfast
A very fancy English breakfast which includes bacon, sausages, biscuits, hash brown, roasted tomato, cheese omelet, black tea, toasted breads, jam, and butter. I guess sid is from South Bombay!!

4. Riyaaz’s Breakfast Of Champion
Riyaaz sir’s breakfast is a meal. It includes anda shammi pav, steak sandwich, peanut butter jam sandwich (PBJ), milkshake, and Irish coffee.

I loved the breakfast here. The good thing about the menu is it is not focused on one cuisine, you can try different things. The concept also is very interesting. Will try more options in my further visits.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Family