5 Breakfast Spots In Magarpatta For The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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Breakfast for most of us is a frenzy to reach work on time. On good days, we stop by to enjoy a fruit with some cereal, toast and paranthas. On bad days, ah! well, we know how that one goes. Thanks to these restaurants in Magarpatta, breakfast is now a comfortable and very possible affair if you’re working in and around the area, bookmark this for future reference.

S Kumar Wadewale

A pocket-friendly street food joint located on Magarpatta Road, this breakfast point is where you’ll find a soul satisfying breakfast, all within a budget. It's a very simple place offering Maharashtrian breakfast favourites. Poha, misal pav, vada pav and chai, you can feast like a king here without worrying about spending a bomb. A full meal will not cost you more than INR 100 at S Kumar Wadewale. 

Godavari Snacks

One of the best south Indian joints around the neighbourhood, this restaurant is for those who love to start their morning with a healthy, heavy dose of good food. It's an average udupi that dishes out quick meals that you can eat before heading to work. It's also a great place to hit up over the weekend for a South Indian brunch. Choose from a variety of dosas, uttapams and idli-wada plates and of course, coffee and tea for the much needed dose of caffeine. The have set South Indian meals that would cost you INR 130.

Irani Chai Katta

One of our personal favourites, this is the place to get yourself a comforting breakfast made of Irani chai, omelette, toast, bun maska or even samosas. And well, who doesn't love dropping by an Irani cafe in the morning? The best part is that their service is always so quick, you're eating your fill without wasting much time. And, all this good quality food also comes on a budget. A meal for two at Irani Chai Katta will cost you around INR 300.

Healthy Wealthy

Watching your diet? Don’t worry, this restaurant has your back. Choose from a variety of healthy salads, sandwiches and egg preparations to kickstart your day. If you’re up for a cheat, they have Maggi, bun maska and a lot of grilled sandwich options too. Their salads will cost you only INR 89 if you love chicken and INR 55 if you are a vegetarian.

Chai Shai

If you’re a chai lover, you absolutely must head to this joint to get your dose of caffeine for the morning (or any given point of the day actually!) Along with a wide range of teas, they have Maggi, sandwiches, burgers, poha, French fries, and desserts on offer. The small chai cafe offers WiFi and a meal for two will only set you back INR 250.