Did You Know That This New Cafe In Hinjewadi Serves Purple Idlis?


    Started by the Nandurdikar family, BreakFats Club is a new cafe at Xion Mall, Hinjewadi, that is serving everything from fresh salads to healthy smoothies, nutritious breakfasts, porridge, soups, millet idlis and more.

    Tell Me More

    The aim at BreakFats is to dish out healthy meals that taste surprisingly good and don’t cost a bomb. For those who are looking for scrumptious yet nutritious breakfast options, this is the place to be. We hear all their dishes are made of complex carbs, exotic veggies and organic grains. Highly recommend you try their purple idli made of black rice that is extremely low on calorie and high on antioxidants. People suffering from high cholesterol levels and heart disease, ditch the junk and go for Breakfats’ steel cut oats garnished with almonds, cashews, super spices, bananas and organic jaggery.

    If you’re visiting this place for lunch, must-try their signature Greek soup lemony chicken with wheat noodles or the light-on-the-palate tomato rice chicken soup. From their beverage menu, go for the goji strawberry smoothie, and since it’s summer, don’t forget to order the thick mango smoothie along with your meal.

    Anything Else?

    You can also shop hard-to-find exotic ingredients such as yellow cherry tomatoes, lettuce lolla rossa, passion fruit, Rambutan lychee, prunes, mulberry and sunflower seeds from the restaurant itself. For more details, check out their website here.