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Breaking Closets: Support Groups In Pune For LGBTQ+ Community

    Coming out of the closet, but not sure about the reaction of people around you? These three support groups in Pune can help you and your partner deal with the situation.

    Mist, LGBTQ

    Bringing the Bangalore initiative of MIST which began for spreading awareness about the Queer community and actively protesting against anything that might harm their interests, Shyam Konnur and his team focus upon building a safe platform for members of the LGBTQ+ community to come together and interact with each other. Since the time Shyam began the initiative in Pune, he has seen a huge number of people find new friends and friends like family from within the community.

    MIST organises these safe spaces for people through their various activities such as QTAM  {Queer Talks and Meets}, weekend parties, movie screenings, film festivals {PIQFF} and many more significant events which help participants find those special bonds with others who would understand them and accept without any conditions.

    Samapathik Trust

    Based out of in Pune, Samapathik trust of Pune focus on various aspects of the LGBTQ life of Pune such as aids awareness, mobilisation of the queer youth for an active resistance against various sections of the law which condemn them from loving a person of their choice.

    Samapathik Trust also works in counselling those individuals who require help with themselves and organises meetings and awareness talks for the youth of the LGBTQ+ community.

    Udaan Trust

    Udaan Trust

    Rasta Peth, Pune

    Udaan of Pune has been working majorily with members of the LGBTQ+ community and spreading awareness of Aids and HIV among them. Not only that, Udaan also focuses on supporting LGBTQ causes through providing space for activities such as health checkups, meetings, discussions and much more.

    Udaan in Pune also helps people living with HIV and AIDS to live a life of dignity and good health. Udaan also has a counselling group that helps people cope with various issues in their life through engaging with them in an unbiased and frank conversation.