These Artists Will Do Up Your Walls With Customised Quirky Murals That Are Better Than Posters

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Ever gotten bored of staring at blank, expressionless walls? Outgrown those ’90s era posters of boy bands and teenage heart-throbs? Don’t want to be weighed down by a boring wallpaper pattern? We’ve got a solution for you – custom-designed murals! Here are seven top Pune-based artists who can hand-paint magic onto your walls.

Out & Out Design

Fresh out of MIT Institute of Design, college room mates Rachna, Ankita and Shreya decided to start their own graphic design studio – Out And Out Design. Though they specialise in various print and digital media work, they love creating beautiful and reviving wall art, and have created some really cool pieces for popular restaurants and cafes around Pune. Shreya says the cost to commission a mural depends on the medium and media of work {surface, style, hand done, digital, etc}, but have a look at this custom-designed Abbey Road wall mural they made for INR 15,000. Get an insight into their work via their Instagram account, as their website is under development and will be running in a month or two. Follow them on Instagram!

Himanshi Parmar

Himanshi Parmar is a visual designer and artist from Pune. Art has always been a part of her life (her father is an artist, too), and so it only seemed natural for her to hone her innate skill set and pursue a professional career in it. Her focus is on communicating the importance of mental health and wellbeing, through what she has learned from yoga and Indian traditions. Currently freelancing, she works out of wherever there is free WiFi and green tea! Her charges for a custom piece of wall art are on an hourly basis {usually INR 1500 per hour}, and can vary depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Material costs would be extra. Check out her work here.


Akshata Ghule

Akshata Ghule has been obsessed with art since her childhood. Painting is Akshata’s way of letting her imagination run free, allowing her hands to paint her thoughts in a way that just can’t be taught. She freelances as an artist under her business called The Mind’s Eye, and recently started undertaking wall murals. She charges a base fee of INR 100/sq ft. For an idea of how that works – this huge Aztec Reindeer piece was commissioned for INR 15,000. Find more of her work, like handpainted Hamsa hangings, quirky bottle lamps, and more glow-in-the-dark art via her Facebook Page.

Contact: +91 8806966415

Tanmayee Jhankar

Tanmayee Jhankar always had an interest in drawing and painting, but only took it up professionally around 7 years ago. Currently splitting her time between Pune and Barcelona, her artwork is concept-based, and the style of work centers around that. She believes in approaching each project individually, and that is why her costing depends on the amount of time spent on conceptualization  execution, and her client’s budgets. On average, Tanmayee charges INR 300 – 400 per sq foot, depending on the design. For example, this 2ft x 4ft Eye piece cost around INR 10,000. Check out her work on Facebook and Instagram.


Aprajita Chowdhury

Aprajita Chowdhury is a talented, independent visual designer and self-taught lettering artist, based in Pune. She studied typography and calligraphy through a short course in design school, but exploratory lettering always appealed to her and she is a confessed ‘lettering fanatic’. From bar menus to restaurant spaces, wall murals to invitations, products and canvas pieces, she loves to collaborate with her clients to create something evocative, customized and distinctive. We love Aprajita’s creative style, and have been glued to her colourful Instagram feed!  Pricing varies from project to project; for example, this wooden bar menu chalkboard cost about INR 3-4k, while the big board of cocktail recipes would cost around INR 10-12k for a combination of illustrations and lettering. Follow her on Instagram.


Keith Pinto

Keith Pinto is an up-and-coming artist, specialising in customised artwork on various mediums like walls, helmets, shoes, canvas, etc. He’s painted large and detailed wall murals, in both Mumbai (at Mahalaxmi Railway Station) and Pune, but is based out of the latter. Keith charges upward of Rs. 10,000+ for a full sized wall mural, but the rate can vary depending on the complexity of the design and amount of time taken. Check out his Facebook Page for more of his unusual and interesting projects!
Contact: +91 9689889306

Sejz Inn

A veritable veteran on the Pune art scene, Sejz Inn is a classical contemporary painter. Driven by realism and abstraction, women are her favourite subject – their strong, subtle, form often finds its way onto her canvas. Famous for her portrait pieces, her work has been exhibited throughout the globe and has been collected by many art lovers. Pricing for a wall mural commission from Sejz depends on the size, theme, and the luxury of time. Her work is more expensive than most artists, because of her many years of experience and accolades – but it’ll be worth it. We really dig her Instagram feed, where she is currently celebrating the shapes and silhouettes of the female form. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.



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