Goodbye Flu! This Monsoon, Prepare Hot Soup Using Bone Broth From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    Love enjoying something hot during monsoons? The one dish topping our monsoon must-have list is a nice bowl of hot piping soup with good old bone broth, that will not only enhance the taste but will also help you bid goodbye to cold and flu caused due to weather change. Make a hot cuppa with this fine homemade bone broth from Bone Craft Foods, a health food brand from Nagpur.

    They have two flavours — chicken bone broth and mutton bone broth. Both healthy and delicious, you can use these broths for various purposes. While we love preparing vegetable soup using this gourmet broth, you can also add it to your gravies and curries or even use it as marinades. Cooking something Oriental or exotic? This broth will come to your rescue!

    What we love is that the taste is authentic and delicious as the bones belong to farm-raised and well-kept livestock. From digestion to detox, maintaining nail and hair health to improving immunity, it has multiple health benefits. To shop for these, log on to their website or contact them on Instagram. 


    They deliver the product all across India and a bottle (500 ml) costs you INR 450.