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Sort All Your Food Cravings At The Amazing Cafe Rendezvous!

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Cafe Rendezvous , serving you meals as per as your cravings, they have a wide spread of cuisine to count upon.

Unlike other cafe's, eye-catching is their service. Since they have their chefs coming to your table for getting the orders, they can bring on your table customized meals as per your palette. With amazing service and passionate chefs on board, the end result is bound to be positive.

Another factor to grab attention was that the owner wanted us to enjoy the meals served hot, unlike so many bloggers table I attended who focuses only on our deliverables. That itself shows how one is passionate about their food and a kind soul.

Chef Rohan served us a widespread, I am sure he wouldn't have put to a stop until we were out of space and energy. This place serves the spiciest chicken wings made of bhut Jholakia chillies, I am a spice lover and truly relishe on every dish someone claim to serve spicy. Unfortunately this table he didn't serve us those crazy wings but I would recommend all crazy spice lovers give a try I had it and enjoyed it truly from bottom of my heart.

Dishes that were served to us were

Soups~ Broccoli Almond

Malay Laksa &

Starters~ Chicken Steam Momo&;

Murg k pille

Tandoori Soya chaap

Butter Garlic Prawns

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

Chicken Lasagne&;

Indian Mains~ chicken Chettinad&

Fish Biryani&br>
Laccha Paratha&

Thai Green Curry with Saffron Rice

Dessert~ Coconut Mousse

Gajar ka Halwa with Gulkand Ice cream and thick paan Sauce&

Star of the dishes included their ChickenPepperoniPizza, cheesy pizza, thin crust, extra cheese, loaded pepperoni and most important they make it straight in front of you in those traditional pizza ovens they imported for serving Pune really amazing pizza's.

*MurgkePille, Those fillings were really crazy, cheesy yet flavourful, minced stuffings rolling inside chicken breast chunks, grilled with perfection. And I personally rate any dish which taste delicious even when it's cold. And this dish tasted equally good with the cheese flowing out of the chicken breast. We would have hand over a clean plate to the chef by the end.

*ChickenChettinad, Being keralite I can vow on a decent gravy stamped as a Kerala dish, honestly disappointed many places but these people nailed, with the strong flavours, the garam masala were bang on to make a spicy Kerala Dish perfect with the Lachedar paratha.

*FishBiryani, something uncommon as it looks simple but to get the fish cooked with rice without loosing it's texture or getting it over cooked is a tactics which they did good job, would have wished for pinch of salt and less of onions as it turned sweeter than needed. Feedback shared and positively heard and accepted.

Tandoori soyachaap, good as an overall dish, just got lil tangy more than regular otherwise it was decently cooked and served .

ChickenLasagna, chicken minced with strong flavour of herbs and fresh tomatoes ,layers of flat pasta topped with cheese, unfortunately we had it after loads of perfect pictures, it got lil tougher and lost its tenderness, but flavours were distinctive and flat pasta as everyone knows if overcooked turns the dish a disaster, they did great work behind the dish.

Dessert was one of the star dishes of the day, with the coconutmousse uniquely placed in a coconut shell, sauce topped and served with roasted coconut and crumbs, simply yum, highly recommended, as it wasn't overpowering sweetness yet enough flavours to do justification for the dish.

* Gajar ka halwa with paan sauce and gulkand ice cream, well I really loved the ice cream such strong flavours it was super tempting and I just couldn't hold on with one bite, and those paan sauce, just thick and consistency, it would be just a side dish but in return turned to be an star element of the entire dish.

Ambience wise, they have kept this fresh look for the day hours and evening they have this yellow lights turning the whole fresh look into more classy and sassy. Love their music collections, gives me a whole cafe feel with a cup of coffee in my hand, soothing 90's English best love tracks and pune's chilly winter's. Not to forget they have freshly brewed coffee to serve and the rates are really competitive and reasonable as comparing to the other cafes in town.

With the food, ambience and service on place, it's not much difficult to assume they have done a wonderful work to setup their passion on right place. Wishing them good luck and bright future.

Thanks Chef Rohan for inviting us and Chaitanya to host this table successfully.