Starry Trails: This Place Is Perfect For Star-Gazing & Camping


    Now that the monsoon is on verge of ending and winter, beginning, this is the perfect season to hop into your car and go on a nice trekking trip to Bhor. Unconventional and with a different vibe, Raireshwar is a destination situated amongst hills and fort of Kenjalgad in Bhor Taluka, which is approximately 82 km away from Pune.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The three-hour journey to reach the destination is enjoyable in itself. Bhor ghat is filled with many cascades and mountains. The valleys are steep and roads, narrow. That makes the ride even more adventurous. The road soon leads to Raireshwar, a picturesque hamlet with lots of gems in it.

    Known for its Raireshwar Mandir, Gomukh lake, Aswal lake and Pandav Leni, Raireshwar is a place for every nature lover, adventure junkie, camping lover and a star-gazer. While the lakes are deep with crystal-clear water, the fort is a perfect place to trek. planning to camp? We suggest you take help of the villagers at the base village are friendly and help you collect wood for a bonfire. 

    Do not forget to carry your camera and telescope to enjoy a spectacular starry view in the sky. Consider yourself lucky if you spot a clear sky with twinkling stars. The magical view is certainly the most romantic setting if you are with your bae. The slopes and slides of the fort and mountain are relatively easy. Hence, you can set up camps anywhere with ease.

    When in Raireshwar, make sure you pay a visit to the magnificent Kenjalgad fort. There are many other attractions in the vicinity where you can visit during the day.

    What Could Be Better?

    When going on a trek to the Raireshwar fort, you need to carry food and plenty of water with you as the base village hardly has any shops or amenities. 


    We suggest you make stops at the dhabas at the beginning of your journey itself as the number of eateries will become fewer and fewer until Shivthar Ghal which is a remote yet beautiful cave-like structure with a beautiful waterfall beside it. We suggest you must visit this hidden gem.