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This Artist Handcrafts Clay Tableware Inspired By Earth That You Can Buy


    We love pretty looking tableware! They work as great home decor pieces that are also functional. Pune-based artist Veena Chandran has been handcrafting gorgeous tableware, crockery and sculptures for a while now. And, you can either purchase her items or attend one of her pottery workshops.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Custom crockery is so exciting, mostly because you can show it off while entertaining and everyone will be in awe. Veena Chandran specialises in functional tableware, personalised gifts and pieces, sculptures, custom crockery for restaurants and cafes and installations and other art pieces.

    Chandran’s inspiration has always been nature. She’s fascinated by shapes in nature that you and I would easily miss: the network of cracks in the dry-patched soil, arches and curves on tree branches and leaves and more. No wonder her work is mostly in tones of earth and rock. And, she uses clay to express how nature enamours her.

    But when you’re shopping for items, expect to find things that’ll complement whatever you choose to buy. Soap dishes are clubbed with handmade soap, candle stands have a scented candle placed inside them, and homemade and organic food items are also part of the purchase when you’re buying dishware. Chandran does a lot more than simply mould and you can get all this when you walk in to her studio.

    Teaching is also one of her prime passions, so you can sign up for a pottery workshop and create some beautiful pieces for your home. Who knows your hands may be masters waiting to be revealed?

    The pieces start at INR 160 for shot glasses, serving plates at INR 600, teapots at INR 1800, but the prices depend on size and customisation. So, if you just want a mug customised for someone you love, you can get that too or just pick one from what’s in store.  To place orders, either walk into the studio or you can message her on Instagram as well.

    What Could Be Better?

    We want an online marketplace soon!


    Get your hands on her gorgeous mugs and dragonfly plates. There’s an online pop-up between December 13 to 16 and you can get all your Christmas shopping done because there’re a lot of items that’ll make for great gifts.