Shivangni posted on 14th June

Pancakes, Eggs & Waffles: A Guide To Eating Breakfast In Pune For Under INR 400

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re looking to fill up on a hearty breakfast to get the day started, we’re here to make sure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket and are left with satisfied tastebuds and a happy tummy.

Dravidas Bistro

Dravidas Bistro at Dhole Patil Road has DIY Dosa, Idli and Paratha dishes. Yes, that means you can get ‘em just like you like ‘em. If you aren’t the adventurous kind, we say you go for their massive thalis or even pick something from the set menu. A meal for one is INR 300.



We’d ask you to confidently choose between their full English brekkie or the Continental breakfast. They even homemade granola bars, green moong crepes and yes, keema pav for those that like things simple. You can also add a steaming hot chai or juices to your breakfast. They do breakfasts {8.30am to 11.30am} only on weekends, but, hey, it’s worth the wait. A meal for two here will cost no more than INR 350.



If you’re looking to have your fill of a European breakfast, Terttulia makes for a good choice. A quaint little place done up in colonial style, has a number of healthy, yet supremely tasteful dishes to offer. Their quinoa and couscous upma with fruits, omelette with bread and potatoes on the side or even their paneer bhurji with pav are great options to look at. A meal for one is for INR 250.