From Chivda To Chirote: Legendary Eateries That Got These Homegrown Recipes On Point

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Pune has always been known to celebrate and be proud of its culture, language, beauty and most importantly; food! So folks, here are recipes that these iconic eateries of the city, do just right.

Misal Pav

A mixture of pulses and grams, spices and herbs, served with finely chopped onion, farsan and a slice of lemon to balance that tang of the “tarri”, we have loved misal forever now.

Where To Get The Best Version: Any of the “khanavals”{eatries} of the Peth areas; however, our personal favourite is the extra spicy misal at Rajuseth Misalvale at Vishrantwadi.


A true blue Punekar swears by the all time favourite dish that is also synonymous with the identity of the city– Bhakarwadi! Of all the places across the country who tried to replicate the original bhakarwadi {and failed miserably}, the Puneri bhakarwadi holds its crunch in every Punekar’s heart.

Where To Get The Best Version: Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale {was there even any doubts on that?}; read our recommendation about the place here.


If you have a friend who lives in Pune and till date hasn’t taken you for a Puneri thick shake {read: Mastani}, ditch them now! A mastani is creamy drink, like a milkshake, served with fresh and dry fruits and ice cream.

Where To Get The Best Version: Sujata Mastani; read our recommendation on the place here.



Available in three types viz., poha, cornflakes and potato, chivda is a snack  that has been a part of every household of Pune since two to three generations or perhaps, even more.

Where To Get The Best Version: Established in the year 1935, Laxminarayan Chivda at Bhavani Peth is the hands-down winner of this category.


A Puneri household specialty, chirote is a delicate and lightly sweetened dish made from refined flour. These are available in two forms – One is slightly delicate and has an off-white hue, the other one is brown and is a little hard on the outside.

Where To Get The Best Version: Chitale Bandhu yet again!