Drop By Cuba Libre In Wakad!

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What Makes It Awesome?

I was at Cuba Libre that’s recently opened in Wakad. What a place it is!
This place is so big that more than 300 people can enjoy at a time. This place gives Cuban feel because the whole staff wears a Cuban uniform. This place has 3 sections where you enjoy and is seated with friends and family. One is downstairs where there is mind blogging dance floor with trans lights and with the amazing bar. Another is open area seatings where you can enjoy the bar and live singing. They usually have live singing bands there. Another one is rooftop seatings and that’s like a cherry on the ice cream. That place is damn amazing. The view from that place is soothing, beautiful and great.

We had a bunch of starters, main course and cocktails.
Anise curry leaves, Rosemary pomegranate martini(beautiful) Adam’s apple, Berry spice punch ( really spicy) are in the vodka base.
Jack Hammer is in the whiskey base.
Bartender special is in beer base but good.
Havana Special is a rum-based cocktail (beautiful)


Veg Starters:
1) Corn Cheese Balls - It serves 6 cheese balls. It’s very cheesy and tasty.
2) Veg Bullets - Full of veggies. It’s yummy.
3) Paneer Chilli - Paneer Chilli are all same. I love the plating though.

Non Veg:
1) Cigars and Bullets - It’s a fish cigar. It’s very crispy and outside and soft inside. The fish is well cooked. Must try.
2) Cuban Wings - It’s juicy smoked chicken. It’s soft and well cooked.
3) Chicken Dum Kebab- I loved this the most. It’s in the matka and tandoori roti over it. It’s creamy and well cooked.
4)Oven-Baked Prawns- It’s Baked Prawns in cheese.
Cheesy. I didn’t try it but my friend's reaction told me that it’s damn good.
5) Cilantro Fish- Beautiful Decor. Green in colour.

Main Course:
1) Mafia Pasta- It tastes good. The garlic bread with it is very crispy.
2) Grilled Stuffed Chicken- 2 big pieces of chicken. Soft and tastes good.
3) Indian Seafood Meal- It has one fish, prawn curry, 2 tandoori roti, jeera rice, papad, salad and pickle.

1) Flambé Gulab Jamun- So soft and yummy.
2) Brownie - It has my heart Brownie with ice cream is the best combination as desserts.

Staff is really good. Hospitality is fabulous.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae