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Day Out Hiking To Korigrah With Friends! 2 Hours Drive From Pune

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Korigad is a beautiful hill fort located at around 90 kms away from pune and 20 kms from Lonavala near Amby Valley. This is a fort which you can visit during any time of the year for one day treks. Some of the structures on the fort are still intact and the views that one would get from the top are just splendid. The view of Amby Valley and the top pathway are visible are worth watching

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Ask the locals for Peth Shahpur village or set the end point as "Peth Shahpur" itself on your GPS, which is the base village for the fort. You can park your vehicles at this village.

    Anything Else?

    Routes: From Pune, one has to head towards Lonvala via the Old Pune-Mumbai highway. Please do not take the expressway as you will have to pay a heavy toll on that road. Once you get to Lonavala, you have to take a left from Purohit Chikki centre and take the Amby valley road. If you are referring to GPS on the way, google maps will show you a road through Amby Valley. Do not take that road as the security guys will not let you in if you tell them that you are heading to Korigad.