Ikde Chala: This Restaurant At Balewadi Is Serving Authentic Maharashtrian Grub


    Deewan Khana is the much-needed Maharastrian fine dine restaurant, in the string of high-end bars, Asian and European eateries in and around Balewadi High Street.

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    Just about a couple of weeks old, Deewan Khana establishes itself as one of the few restaurants in Pune that offers a scrumptious Maharashtrian fare within a classy setting. The ambience has a soft touch of grey and umber; low wooden ceiling with colourful hanging lanterns, arched windows on the walls for a quintessential ‘wada’ feel and a spacious setting to ensure privacy to all diners.

    Despite the location and the theme, the food at Deewan Khana was not only soul-satisfying but surprisingly well-priced. The 18-page ala carte menu boasts of traditional dishes, desserts and drinks; each carefully curated keeping in mind the authentic recipes that have been passed down through generations. We started with a glass of panhe, a very palatable welcome drink made of tangy raw mango and green cardamom. The laal sukka chicken is highly recommended for starters if you love your meat cooked in thick, spicy red gravy.

    We tried and loved their Nagpuri mutton masala and Sangameshwar kombdi {coconut-and-cashew-based chicken dish from the lesser-known hamlet of Sangameshwar in Konkan}. Pair these curries with either jwari bhakri or aromatic goli bhat for that ultimate Maharashtrian spread. For desserts, must-try the chikki ice cream and kelyache shikran, which is basically a traditional custard made of bananas and milk.

    So, We're Saying...

    Maharashtrian or not, Deewan Khana is the kind of restaurant we don’t mind spending our salaries on.