Pack Your Essentials For A Trip In This Brand's Cutesy Kits & Totes

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What Makes It Awesome?

Who doesn't love canvas totes and multiple pouches and kits that help you keep your essentials organised when you're travelling? Doodle Collection is a brand that has canvas totes and make-up kits that look cool too. 

Their range of totes and kits is quite awesome, and quirky with bright colours that are apt to carry when you're vacationing. We love the quality of fabric, and the other materials used to make these bags are all of high quality too. So, be assured that these products are all quite durable. 

We love their 'Emotional Baggage' striped strap tote, and several others that are quirky and make a comment on shopping. Their make-up kits are colourful and can easily be washed if your make-up spills or stains the fabric. The 'Out-Dream Yourself' pom-pom pouch is so cute that we wouldn't mind carrying it as a clutch for a casual outing either. 


As they use canvas to make their bags and totes, you'll have to care for the fabric by wiping it with a  damp cloth with lukewarm water. And then hanging it to dry.