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Drop By Roots 9 For Yum Healthy Food & Serene Ambience

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What Makes It Awesome?

Roots 9 is a definition of paradise, indeed! A new venture at Kothrud is a true blessing for every Punekar out there. A place like Roots 9 is in demand as it offers serenity and delicious food at the same time. The years-old banyan tree is the main USP of the restaurant. The place is widely spread over a huge area of land and is differentiated into various areas- a family area, bar area, smoking area wherein food is also served here, couple area and also terrace area (terrace area accommodates 80-100 people). The rest of all the areas accommodate about 300 people. At every sight, you will see trees beaming at you. The harmonious blend of a banyan tree, greenery, and food is totally a rejuvenating experience for one.

They serve Continental and Indian cuisine. Every dish here is well curated and has its own specialty.

Coming back to what foodiesoulmates hogged on,
Complimentary bread basket- This basket comprised of assorted in-house bread focaccia and ciabatta, with 3 different dips. It is light on your palate. The breads were very soft and fresh and went well with all 3 dips. Baba ganoush was my favorite dip among all.

I'm not a salad person tbh but trust me their salads will blow your mind.
1. Quinoa rich fibre salad- Quinoa along with green apple, veggies and green leaf oil drizzled on it is a great option to go with.
2. Lettuce salad with walnuts and apple- Lettuce served along with walnuts, green apple, and apple cider vinegar. The crunchy texture of walnuts present in the salad went really well with greens and tangy flavour of green apple. My favorite indeed.
3. 'The Roots' signature salad- I was amazed to see this salad. This salad is produced out of 16 varied exquisite ingredients. Every ingredient has health benefits. The main base of this salad is the cucumber fat.
A healthy yet tasty option.

Kashmiri chicken soup- The authentic chicken broth indeed. It also comprised of saffron in it so the overall flavour was top notch.

1. Zafrani Chicken tikka- It is a Mughlai dish where succulent chicken chunks were well marinated and then cooked in saffron, cheese, and cashews. It was flavoursome dish. Do give it a try.
2. Multani Paneer tikka- Soft rolls of cottage cheese were marinated with spices and had a hint of sandalwood. Loved it!

Main course,
1. Chicken roots style- Chicken breast was fried to perfection with various spices and served with south style tomato rice and nuts.
2. Black Rice Thai curry- Rice black rice served along with green Thai curry and topped with sautéed veggies.
3. Hyderabadi kothmiri chicken- Green chicken curry with chicken chunks cooked to perfection.
4. Dum ka murg- A perfect main course. This curry was made with various spices and the overall blend of it was rich in taste. In addition to this consistency was thick.
5. Dal makhani- I highly recommend you to try their dal makhani. Best I had in a while. Punjab originated dish is cooked in cream and butter hence the texture is very smooth and creamy. The consistency is thick as well. Best!
6. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani- Rich aroma of rice and flavours of spices along with soft chicken will leave you craving for more.

Baklava, baba au rhum, tiramisu and choco lava are my favorite out of all. Do give it a try! These desserts are rich in taste and definitely a sinful treat to your taste buds.

No to G&T: My favorite of course. The base here was of lime juice supplemented with tonic juice.

Overall a great place which will appeal to you by its tropical setting and it's the lush green ambience. I had delightful experience here.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae