With This International Mattress Brand You'll Sleep Tight & Cozy

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What Makes It Awesome?

Choosing a bed is a task but isn’t choosing a mattress even more confusing? How do you judge the quality of the mattress just by looking at it once in a store? We have a lot of premium brands that provide great quality mattresses. One such brand is Eclipse which has a new address in Baner. 

Eclipse is an American brand of mattresses that has been around since 1905. You will now find these mattresses right here in Pune, at Baner. Eclipse has been setting the bar for technologies  that actually helps our sleep quality. Their designs are known to bring technology and tradition together. These mattress helps reduce back and neck pain, eliminates stiffness and gives your spinal zone a comfortable space to rest. Their collection is divided into three categories: Serene, Harmony and Wellness. At the Baner store, you might not find all the options but they do make arrangements to get a mattress shipped if it’s not available at the store. The price range for their mattresses is on the higher size, starting at INR 15,000 however it is like an investment. One mattress will last you for more than five years.

Pro Tip

If you are someone with a back problem or have been prescribed by your doctor to sleep on a specific type of mattress, we suggest you pick from Eclipse’s wellness range or ask the shopkeeper to show you the perfect options according to your condition.