This Brand Is Making Waves With Its Herb-Infused Sustainable Skincare Range


    What Makes It Awesome

    Tired of your skin reacting harshly to chemical-laden products? This brand is known to spread ecological consciousness and sustainable skincare importance. Try out natural body butters, scrubs, shampoos, face wash, mists, and serums from Ecocradle, an organic skincare brand.

    We love how natural these products affect your skin and hair naturally. All these contain natural essential oils, herbs, and floral extracts. Check out their body butters, face serums and face creams that come in Haldi-Chandan, Tea-tree, Kesar-Haldi, Mandarin Cream and Rose flavours. They're priced at around INR 450.

    Apart from that, there are bamboo tooth-brushes, scrubs, sweet-smelling body butter, body washes that feel refreshing and nourishing as well. Since our busy schedule does not allow us to embrace elaborate beauty treatments, this brand offers an instant solution with its sandalwood face mask that combines turmeric along with ayurvedic elements.


    Facing hair woes? Try out the juniper shampoo, anti-dandruff hair serum and growth/thickening serums.